Lough Erne: G8 venue

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 1, 2013.

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  2. It really should be asked what kind of utter retard would see somewhere with one set of spastics protesting and trying to kill police over a bit of dyed cloth over the town hall, another set of spastics trying to kill police because they don't want to be part of that country any more and so much rain that Noah would look outside and think about not bothering today and think it was the ideal place to showcase the country.

    Still the four way King of the Ring style protest battle between the hippy ******* that always tip up to these things, I Can't Believe It's Not IRA, the loyalist flag ******* and the only riot police in the UK with any bollocks about them should be entertaining.
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  3. Great venue. Great place. I'm going to take some time off there when I can. Best unspoilt sailing and fishing area in the UK.
    Locals seem friendly enough. Last time I was in Enniskillen it was full of Germans,dutch and Italians., affluent ones at that.
    NI deserves a break not every one in the place is a sectarian twat.
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  4. Yep agree with Bonnacon. Only a small minority won't let things rest. As i have said in previous posts Fermanagh is beautiful I'm sure they will enjoy themselves only hope they get to meet the real people.
  5. skid2

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    Crom as a venue is pretty good. Lisnaskea is a bit of a hole

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  6. £10 it rains nonstop
  7. Haven't been to NI so far since I've been in the UK, have been meaning to go there though - any tips on where and what time of the year? Don't really give a shit about sun and clear weather.
  8. Any bets on deck shoes flying over the water?
  9. Around the shops on the Ardoyne in mid July is beautiful.