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Loud shouty ads


Book Reviewer
Please COs, don't allow adverts that suddenly start shouting at you from the "Last 50" page. This one for Vanish is bloody annoying!

Dear Sir,

I'm trying to listen to the BBC, but keep being reminded that my other half neglects to clean for an average of six hours per week using cillit bang.

And a voice suggested earlier that they took Acid... and went surfing, then another voice was going on about Alladin.

Should I become a wife beating salty drug addict with a lamp fetish, or can I stop the ARRSE voices in my head in order to be brainwashed more effectively by Auntie?

Yours sincerely

Have you had the ad with the mad woman in the red stripey frock jumping up and down on a cliff top yet?

I'm actually trying to compose sensible PMs to people whilst googling for helpful links, and these ads are not helping me!


Book Reviewer
I think there should be annoying pop ups next. You know, the ones that appear in the middle of your screen and follow you down as you scroll? Natural progression of invasion and all that...
It started just now, confused the hell out of me, I've turned the speakers off. But I can still hear the voices.
I've had shouty ads for ages - possibly forever, but invariably at night. Dwarf - do you get the same given we have different ads over here in espanya?
Yes, I am sure that my current cleaner is getting my toilet clean under the rim, thank you.

She wouldn't get paid if she didn't.

And now the 'advert' is some tripped out video accompanied by Fleetwood Mac's Albatross. WTF is that advertising? The collected works of Peter Green? The RSPB? :???:
It's not just on Last 50, it's on every damn page of arrse. One's just started up now, Vanish Crystal White, now it's changed to some hippie bloke taking acid... If you click the speaker button in the top left of the ad it turns the sound off but you have to do that every single time you load a new page.
Yes CO's...I brought a thread up about this too. Didn't see this one as the ads made me go temporarily blind.

The community is not happy with this and the swear filter.
I was slightly confused when my lappy started spouting some nonsense I don't give a shit about but you know what? I turned the volume off. Problem solved.

There's a ****ing swear filter? So there is!

Sent from my ARRSE using iPoo app
sorry about this. In theory we should have no sound or popups but we've changed our ad source and clearly have some work still to do . please bear with it.

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