Loud bang at 18:10. Did you hear it?

I live in North Oxfordshire and at approximatley 18:10 I heard a noise not dissimilar to a bird flying into one of the windows.

I asked both my kids if they heard it and they assumed the same, however within minutes, my youngest daughter said that several people on Facebook commented that they had heard it.

It now seems that the noise was heard as far away as Bath, Swindon, Coventry and the West Midlands and is being 'investigated' by the MoD.

BBC News - MoD inquiry into mysterious bang

Who else heard it, and where abouts do you live (approximately)?


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Cumbria quiet tonight (again)


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Bristol. Heard something at the time but more like a rumble of thunder then a sonic boom. May or may not be related.
Septics flying the Aurora out of a secret establishment in Galloway to observe north Korea's big firework party.

But you didn't hear it from me, right?
And slightly more seriously.

It was a Tiffin on QRA.
I blame the government.
I blame the government

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