Lotto tearaway is asked to turn on Christmas lights

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Aug 27, 2005.

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  1. From the Torygraph.

    I can only assume that the electricity will be wired up to the handle in such a way that will cause instant electrocution!


  2. I wonder if ARRSE should sponsor the lights?

    We could send the COs along (resplendent in matching ties and socks) to bring light into the lives of the good burghers of Swaffham, and then we could all adjourn to a local hostelry, and dazzle with locals with tales of our bravery and exploits in the service of our country? :D

    Clearly leading to lots of shagging of buxom wenches...

    Either way - it couldn't be worse than having that total oaf doing it.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    The depths to which people will sink for a few bob.
  4. Wow, the Liberal Democrats are REALLY Liberal :lol:
  5. Still... it's far better than Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch or several other undeserving cases winning the lottery. That, I could not handle. This hoodlum really is small fry when it comes to making people's lives a misery. In a genuinely civilised and switched-on world, people would direct their energy and anger at the true deserving targets, and not the scapegoats that the press throw at us - you know - the usual red herrings: Hoodies/young thugs, Muslims, Gypsies, binge drinkers.

    Also please note: he paid £4,000 to sponsor the lights. And local businesses are not going to turn that down are they? Money being the language they understand best.
  6. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Once again your obvious hatred towards certain members of the media and govt have tainted your view on this subject. Scum like him ARE the type of people who make everyday law abiding citizens lives hell! And yet people like you choose to belittle their anti-social behaviour.

    Change the record mate!
  7. Amazingly, I think we had all noted it - hence the vituperative tone of some posts on this thread.

    He's still a female reproductive part*.

    *It's CA - not allowed to use rude swears.
  8. Hear, Hear. He is scum with little between the ears. He has even been rejected by the Chavs.

  9. I'm all for MrPVRd's idea, lets fry the sod. Then all his assets could be sequestrated and given to more deserving causes!
  10. I think they should take his £4000, then tell him to fcuk off! Swaffham is hardly a metropolis, surely the old bill can turn there backs for a while so the locals can march up the hill to his castle with torches lit. It is precisely people like this that are making peoples lives shit on a daily basis, to try and blame politicians or some other pc boll**ks once again allows these idiots to deny personal responsibility for their actions!
  11. Seeing as he is an Essex lad, why doesn't he come and turn on the Colchester Xmas lights? Then we could get all the Paras to turn up and open a can of Whoop-ass on him!
  12. Reading between the lines, I'm assuming the £4,000 has something to do with helping the cause of local businesses, shops, etc. who stand to gain the most from having Xmas lights on during the festive period - cynical old me thinks it's nothing to do with seasonal good will to all men. Please direct your anger also at these local pillars of the community! Without their willingness to accept money from the man, there wouldn't be a 'problem'.

    Once again, the Arrse hotheads/Daily Mail readers are up in arms and blaming this man for the all society's ills. CHANGE THE RECORD indeed!!
  13. I beleieve that, at the moment, it is only a suggestion. The prevailling mode is to tell him to ram his £4000 where the sun doesn't shine as he has cost the local tax-payers far more by the number of times that the police have had to go to his place and the number of times he has gone to court. The guy is an arrogant t*sser.
  14. i like that and how humiliating could that be :lol:

    i have a word for thing like that,

    he is a Rejected reject
  15. You'd probably call me a hothead, but I definitely don't read the Daily Mail! You do enjoy arguing with the consensus don't you frenchperson!

    Carroll is scum and doesn't deserve his cash, I say take the Septic view on it, 3 strikes and he goes away for a long, long time. There's only so many packs of cigs and choccy bars you can buy with £9.7 million!