Lottery Winners

What to do with these cnuts?

  • Leave them alone. It's theirs to do with as they wish.

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  • Force them to move to Surrey and live in a mansion.

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  • Revoke their winnings and put it back in the pot.

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  • ... and then shoot them.

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If there's one thing that really grips my shyte it's when people (against enormous odds) win the lottery and come out with: 'It's not going to change my life!'

Really? Then why fcuking bother doing it in the first place? The latest lotto-mongs live in a council house and plan on staying there. Oh, very nice and 'aaaaah, how quaint'. So not only are you totally unimaginative and happy with your humble little existence, you're going to deprive some poor cnut (who's been on the housing waiting list for years) of somewhere to live... whilst you sit on 3.9m?

It's the same as the other selfish cnut the other week who won enough to enable him to live a life others only dream of. But oh no, he's going to stay at McDs flipping burgers - thus depriving a 17 year old of a worthwhile career.

It beggars belief that people purchase a lottery ticket, somehow manage to win, and then plan on doing as little as possible with the vast amounts of money they've won - preferring to live in the shadow of a disused coal mine in Grimshire than sauce it up in the Seychelles with a troupe of pre-pubescant Romanian prostitutes providing for every depraved whim.

Am I missing something, or should these feckers be executed with great prejudice?

Exasperated of Helmswell. :pissedoff: :pissedoff:

Daily Mail
I voted for Surrey. It is what it is there for.

Within a few years they'll be playing golf, reading the Daily Hate and driving jags. What's more - they won't have changed class at all. :wink:
Agreed! It does my fcukin' ead in as well! Id be the lottery winner cliche- Top motors, Fcuk off big house, most of my time on holiday and generally pi55ing it up the wall!!! Id probably invest some as well though, just to sustain the lifestyle :D :wink:
They are unimaginative cnuts who dont have a clue what they could do with a decent amount of cash.
Its not going to change their lives.
Lets be honest, for some reason it seems that the vast majority of winners seem to be syndicates - where they have to split it millions of ways and end up with feck all - or pondlife.
They will now spend loads of time in the pub or the bookies whilst not at work/home.
Much the same as they did when recieving benefits no doubt.
The Lottery is just a tax for the poor. Hardly suprising winners haven't a clue what to do with it.

Poor = stupid.

You can't buy or win class, style and taste.

The Lottery should be just like that film 'The Island' with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. The 'winners' get shipped off to what they believe to be a utopian Island. In fact, they are shipped off to be chopped up and have their organs used as spare parts for rich people.
I don't actually 'play' it myself - out of sheer principle or something or other (spite and bloody-mindedness probably), but I can understand why people do - usually desperation. Despite the odds, people do win, so you can see their point (to some degree). I just don't understand the mentality of people who play with the intention of doing fcuk all should they actually win anything.

That's like paying for a jump and then watching the telly whilst the whore does 'er nails. Give it all to charidee if it's a 'comfort zone' thing, but do something other than a new cardigan and slippers FFS. Even better: don't play. Give some other bugger a chance to change his/her life.

Would it change, my life? Put it this way, I wouldn't be eating the dog's biscuits at 3am 'cause I had the munchies and the fridge was empty... like last night.


Tax on Stupidity
Having discussed this at great length over many ales I consider myself a feckin know it all when it comes to the lottery winnings.

This is MY take on what will happen if I win:

Supposing I win $20,000,000

$4,000,000 for my kiddy winkies. (the DNA tested ones)

$1,000,000 goes to Arrse charity.

The wife will grab $10,000,000 right from the get go.

She will then divorce me, promptly spend all of her dough, then file for 1/2 of MY remaining dough, 1/2 my house, 1/2 my car, my boat, etc, fcukin cetra. = $3,000,000

Family and friends will drain $500,000

Getting revenge on all of the fcukers that have fcuked me over $500,000

Porking the best fanny around (paid for or not) for at least 6 months = $1,000,000

Ergo, I will end up with no more than $2 tops.


I play now and again, if I were to win I'd pack up and move up to Caithness in Scotland and get a little small holding farm running. Oh and buy a few more bits for my truck. :D
I rarely play the Lotto but if I won £4 Million, I'd hire a crack team of mercenaries to hunt down and kill Chubb.

I'd then spent the remaining 3.999 million on Thai and Kirghistani whores in Dubai.
I don't play it alot but if i won a big amount e.g 7 Million. I would sort myself out with a house and car maybe get some where aboard as well. Sort my family members out with money matters etc... Give 500k to Help For Heroes and another 500k to some other charity.


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If I won £7 million I would share it with Mrs anc, my children, my friends, my shooting club, and charities.

The other £699,900 I would spend on myself.
I think the ones who win and do phuck all about it must lack the courage to try something new, or are just witless! Are comfort zones that addictive? Is it me??

If I win:
1 Scrape self off ceiling
2 Sort family
3 Off to Bunny ranch for loads of top shagging and the odd beer
4 Fly every different type of A/C I can get my hands on
5 Waste the rest!
I played it for a few weeks when it started, won a couple of tenners then nothing for a few weeks so I stopped. Ideally I`d like to find a winning ticket in the gutter, cash it in, buy a Hymer and tour Europe. If the Mrs got bored I`d park it up in a campsite, slip on the pack and wander the Normandy beaches, explore the local bars and pop back every couple of weeks to check if she was alright. :D


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ancienturion said:
If I won £7 million I would share it with Mrs anc, my children, my friends, my shooting club, and charities.

The other £699,900 I would spend on myself.
Stupid me didn't check to see if the keyboard worked properly!
Meant to write:
"The other £6,999,900 I would spend on myself."

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