Lottery Winners

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fugly, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    There is always the age-old chat about how, if you won the lottery, you would pull up outside RHQ on Monday in your Ferrari, strut in and curl one down on the RSM's desk (while he is sitting behind it).

    Any other ideas on how to go out in style if the millions suddenly appear in your bank?
  2. Hire a black chopper to come and pick you up .climb in flicking v signs as you leave .Helicopter should be full of top class totty for best effect .
  3. Send all of my kit back from the Bahamas, or standing on parade with my butler holding a brolly above my head.Drive my limo onto the parade square and have my driver/bodyguard hand my ID card to the RSM on a silver tray. As you can tell have thought long and hard on this
  4. I'd pretend I'd never won it, and just mince about being a oomplete prick, showing utter disregard for rank. I'd also sell all my duties for obscene amounts, and drive a great big Black Armoured Hummer.
  5. I'd sign off.

    Interviews would continue with lacklustre input on my part. Claims of dole being much better than military life, etc.. no plans, no bother..

    Having set in the heads of all that i will be destined to fall on me face..

    Turn up on the last day in a brand new Porsche Turbo, Armarni suited et al.

    Hand in ID card leaving some expensive address as my new abode.

    Im sure I could manage a quick 'Fek the lot of ya' while im at it.

    or most probably...

    Boot the missus off to Civvi street with the Kids, pay her off with enough dosh to keep her off me back, and carry on normal jogging with the lads. (albeit with a decent selection of autos, etc)

    Who the fk wants to be a civvi anyways.
  6. Id have the leaving party of all time - invite a scottish reiment, welsh regiment, irish regiment, the paras, gurkhas etc put an obscenely large amount of money behind the bar - declare it open and then stand back and watch the fireworks
  7. The question was what would you do if you won!!! :lol: :lol:
  8. :lol:
  9. ah, but would you refuse to soldier!? 8O

    maybe, roll the fattest spliff and spark up in front of the razzman. maybe buy a very nice Morgan...park it where i want. definitely two trophy girlfriends to flaunt...

    or just stay in , cos i enjoy my job, and id be bored shitless after 3 months in civvystrasse.... i would live out, with my stunning nympho girlfriend though...
  10. My sudden disappearance from my present location would be the only thing for people to talk about.

    I would be on the next plane out of this once great nation :(
  11. Buy a brain and rent a clue...or you could just buy a Ferrari and remain a cnut :D
  12. Whilst on NITAT my wife happily informed me that she had won the lottery, with the fantasy of telling the CO to stick it already in motion, she then informed me it was 5 numbers not 6. Oh well I thought, that could easily be 6 figures. Then she told me it was a syndicate, oh well a new car perhaps ?!? Oh and one more final thing, there was a lot of winners

    The result ?

    sixty-three sodding quid :evil: