Lottery Winner-would you be a cnut?

I was checking my lottery numbers earlier and unfortunately i won the square root of fcuk all.
So i guess i will be working for the next week at least.
But as i was loading up the page i was thinking to myself if i won how would i mark my exit from the army...would i be graceful and pvr? saying nothing or would i be unable to keep my gob shut and tell my O.C he was a cnut along with the other nobbers in my unit and do something else to make my exit memorable like breaking into RSM's office and having a dump, letting the sh1t hit the fan (not literally).
But thinking whilst getting punishment that i was about to have a wad of dosh coming to my bank account that i could live the life of riley on and not have to worry about fcuk all for the rest of my life. What would you do?
Have a nice holiday then get a voluntary job at a tourettes clinic as a daytime assistant and take them out to places and laugh my cok off all day at the things they came out with. I say that still has to be the best job in the world.

i've already baggsied tonights lottery jackpot, so if you win i'll be round for my ticket in the morning.


Short answer
Yes of course.

Wouldn't do the things you say (Spanners) as they are childish. Would hand my PVR in by private helicopter though, because that isn't.

Swing em shoulder high


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Too right I would. I would come into work every day on time and finish on time. The difference being, I would just sit on me arrse and do fcuk all, and every half an hour I would let everyone in the office know what was in my bank account.

I reckon that before my 3 weeks notice is even close to being complete they would ask me to leave.

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