Lottery Money Well Spent

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bullshit, Feb 9, 2004.

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  1. At last. The lottery has decided black lesbian muslim wheelchair drop in centres have too much of the lottery share. The lottery board has approved 10m quid for old vets to go and visit the battlefields of fallen comrades.

    Good news.
  2. Good news indeed.

    The French are trying to stop D-Day veterans from visiting the beaches without a 'special' ID card, though no ID card was needed by these fine men when they liberated France in '44. Our government are being weak as usual and negotiating. What nonsense - sink the French fleet! It's the only thing these these damn Frogs understand.
  3. Seem to remember we sunk the frog fleet during the war! :lol:

    Good news on the lottery grant. Token effort IMHO. Compare the amount previous mentioned disabled lesbo treehuggers have recieved.

    Will this open the Armed Forces in general, to get a lottery grant?
  4. I know the RBL do tours called Remembrance Travel for vets & familes. I met up with some of them at a battlefield from WW2 and listening to them old guys was better than any tour guide.

    Plus, in true old sqaddie fashion we drank ourselves stupid on an evening, however my war stories paled slightly to theirs!
  5. this appeared on don't know the source
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    It's about time the Veterans got some funding, a small thank you. It's a shame the MoD can't stump up the cash.

    Atleast now some can go and pay their respects to their fallen mates, for what some this may be their last chance to go. My old man could certainly not make it now.

    Time waits for no man!
  7. maybe we should have left the french to live under german rule
  8. Excellent news about the grant - i remember having to host a couple of Chelsea Pensioners once, the stories these guys told were amazing. Also had the same with my grandads and great uncle's who would sit and talk for hours about wartime exploits. 10 million is small change, compared to what it will mean to the veterans.

    How about we introduce an ID card that the french have to show on arrival in the UK at all points of entry, to visit anywhere in Britain. With the only issue office in, say, Haverfordwest? Theres really not much to like about the french is there :?:
  9. I hear that the MoD are already offering free return trips to visit the site of previous operations in such places as Shaibah Airfield, Ramallah and Basra. Any takers? :lol:
  10. Regarding the French being a pain,

    I think the deep down problem is that the French nation has an issue with how easily the country let the Germans in during WW2. The coutry in pre 1940 was in a mess and most French welcomed the idea of a stable and uncorrupt government. Some footage of French welcoming German troops was suppressed by the Vichy Government during WW2 and to this day is kept quiet about in France.

    The problem is that our proud froggy cousins cant face up to this and would rather blame a bunch of old veterans or anybody else rather than look in the mirror.
  11. £10m not too shabby, and I hope it helps a lot of them.

    But how long ago did the Royal Opera house get £xm for a re-fit or, of course the Millenium Dome fiasco?
  12. Good point that CC, kind of puts 10 million into perspective. I think the Opera House got about 33 Mil and the Dome has cost close to a billion to date i think. And the men and women who gave us our freedom and ensured we dont now goose step to work, only get 10. :(
  13. If this is one of the reasons that the French are being typically French, why not just say, "Sorry guys, but you can't come." Fine, some senior politicians might stamp their feet and throw their toys out of the pram, but at least the event might then become a soft target, requiring less security, as opposed to a "Blair-seeking missile" target.
  14. .

    Yeah, - but if they only got those 3 would anyone be really upset or miss them?!!! :twisted: