Lottery millions diverted to public services

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Greedy Gordon is living up to his name!

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  2. The National Lottery = a tax on stupidity.
  3. Frankly I think it's better than giving it to "Gay Whales Against The Bomb"
  4. I don't play the wretched thing precisely because it is a tax on the stupid as nicely pointed out above! It is also a tax on the poor and greedy.
  5. I bet the Wicked Witch plays it! :twisted:
  6. I would be more likely to play it if the profits were to go into something useful and not the aforementioned whale's charity.

    As for a tax on the poor and stupid; These are the people that are more likely to be claiming benefits and sponging off the state anyway so it could be viewed as a way of recouping some of our wasted millions.
  7. I never quite thought of it that way. I shall now actively encourage said spongers to plough more of their 'benefits' into lottery tickets, especially scratchcards. I will not be putting any of my hard-earned cash that way though.
  8. Whilst i agree that it's for nonces and dole scroungers (huge generalisation) but does it not piss you off that the nasty fifer is using what is essentialy charity money to prop up his ailing economy.

    What next?

    Taxing Oxfam and the brittle bone society (ouch) in order to pay for ministerial cars??
  9. It's better than the 200m they spent on the royal feckin opera house
  10. .....And what about the 3/4 billion that they spent on Tony's fecking Tent!
  11. To be honest - I can't complain about some of it - I got a grant from the lottery to help set up a local rugby club, very useful. Though i had to jusmp through more hoops than someone trying to claim asylum!!!