Lottery grant for teaching tramps to growl

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shaka, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. The people handing out the grants are totally unbelievable from the national lottery .

    you have genuine requests like the A.F.M.F and they were turned down
    and then they waste money on silly projects

    The people of the u.k. believe that the money is going to good causes from the money which is taken out of the lottery fund and this is not the case .
    I think the money could have gone to the A.F.M.F or helping homeless soldiers who are walking the streets with P.T.S.D. etc
  2. I don't participate in the lottery and never will.

    It is a tax on the desperate and a license to spend money on the stupid.
  3. Feck me, I think I'll apply for a grant as I seem to do this everytime I have some 'wifebeater' :lol:

    I can just see it now, a tramp (with a feral laugh and growl):

    "get me some tenants super and some bensons from the offy you twat"
  4. Hear hear!
  5. My reasons for not playing are not the minute chances of winning, but the fact that they spend the money on such useless things.

    The National Lottery has the potential to be a really useful fund (a bit like unit subs but on a nationwide level), but unfortunately seems to be run by lunatics with their heads in the clouds.
  6. Pure Genious! :evil: but sooooo true!