Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Cholmondley-Warner, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Buggered if I know why we should have to compete for cash like this for something which the people of this country probably feel is not a 'nice to have' more of an 'honour to provide' but there you go.
  2. Voted
  3. Voted
    p.s you can vote as many times as you like, so if you have time to spare just keep clicking :D

  4. Cheers, I have quiet 9 hour shift tomorrow, so my fingers will be doing overtime.
  5. Vote cast :judge: It blocked me from voting twice though :(
  6. Do it in a new Window or Tab and it will let you make as many votes as you see fit ;-)
  7. It is a disgrace that any memorial to British Military forces should depend on funds from an organisation that only exists to collect "taxes" from the working poor .
    Lottery funding is just a tax by another name.
    If this Government had any concern for Men and Women who have given their lives to defend this Country, they would pay for the memorial.
    I will vote NO here but be willing put up £10 of my pension towards the memorial
  8. Done for those who are now passed.