Lots of rusty guns...

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by flamingo, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. I've just come across all these pictures. The guy's site seems to be well weird, but I'm just curious about what these pictures are of, there appears to be a mixture of countries and eras represented.


    (Not that I want to go there and start playing with them, you understand :twisted: )






  2. I've seen these photos a few times before. If I remember correctly they are the aftermath of a fire at some storage depot in Vietnam.
  3. Vietnam? They have everything from G3's to Bren's. I was expecting to see some Brown Bess's amongst them.
  4. Well I could be mistaken as to the location, but all the weapons in the photos were used in Vietnam.

    We dropped tons of weaponry to the Vietnamese during the Japanese occupation, and the Americans gave/sold them loads of stuff (both US and foreign made) when they were active in the area. This included a load of ex-Wehrmacht stuff for some reason.

  5. Lots of Chinese ammo of 7.92mm supplied to the Viet Minh, was able to be used in German weapons that Uncle Joe gifted to Uncle Ho.
  6. Wherever they are, they are not burnt. they all have the furniture intact
  7. That final pic looks like MG42s.

    And in #1 I think I saw a L2 barrel.
  8. The French used loads of exWW2 German kit in Indo China just after WW2, there's even a WW1 Hotchkiss in one photo
  9. Spotted:
    x1 Co Ax
    Numerous M60s
    Stacks of Thomsons
    What looks like parts of a Browning .50
    Think that there are 1 or 2 Stoners there too.
  10. Spotted

    Miniguns, RPG's, .30cal MG's
    M60's and Brens
    Loads of Thompsons
    Pile of M60's
  11. These pictures have been around a for a while, and have every gun nut in the world weeping into their coffee.... some of the scrap is a collector's dream - FG42, MP44, etc.

    Other pictures in the series show piles of British No1s, No4s, Brens, etc.

    The VC seem to have owned examples of every single firearm made during the 19th & 20th century, no matter how obscure. This amazing photo came to light showing a VC using a rare Lee Enfield No1 MkV trials rifle:

  12. If there had been a fire there would be no wood left, that lot has just been left out in the weather for a very long time.
  13. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    By a rough calculation, there must have been at least ten million Lee Enfields produced for WW1 - what happened to them? Why did we have to go to the Americans in 1939 to buy rifles? And what happened to the next ten million or more Lee Enfields produced for WW2?

    (At school the rifles we had for the CCF all had 1917 or 1918 stamped on them but that doesn't account for very many!)

    I never understood why the RN changed over to the SLR in 1967. The old thing was a nice simple piece of kit (apart from its unnecessarily complicated and fiddly backsight compared to the original) and was just the job for sailors who could not have much time allocated to small arms training beyond what was then called their Annual Musketry Course (1 day per year IF you could get the hands out of their heads of dept).
  14. Over 60,000 Enfields were made in the US during WW2 for the Chinese
  15. it's still very sad to see things like this left to rot, if we so much as had a mite of dust in the bore we were nigh on crucified!