Lots of empty seats at Olympics.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Olympic seating: Day one of the Games sees banks of empty seats at key venues | Mail Online

    Apparently lots of seats weren't filled for various events... the seats are thorugh to belong to various sponsors...

    Two things.

    1. The 'cheap seats' are packed. Why not just fill the better seats with those in the 'cheap seats'?

    2. Given one firms inadequacy at putting bums on seats, shouldn't the Forces have been stood by to put blokes in the seats to give the impression of packed stadiums?
  2. Just like the Chinese then?

    Plus all spare capacity is guarding outside - everyone else is someplace hot!
  3. Besides, manning ticket stiles is one thing. Having to watch some shite like judo is another.
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  4. Just get the off duty shift to sleep in the seats...
  5. It's been reported on the Beeb, but like all negative stories, expect it to be pulled very soon.

    My verdict on the first 24 hours. Lacking substance, but we're winning the artistic pish.
  6. What about the beach volleyball? Any seats empty over there?
  7. One of the letters from the page quotes "Same at the beach volleyball first thing this morning - very few people
    seated. Shame."

  8. RUBBISH - I was there. Appart from the VIP seats for the officials it was packed. 15000 in that stadium on Horse Guards.
  9. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    the mail say Olympics a failure ofeter queen breaks neck during para jump. James bond to be charged .
  10. Perhaps, next time we host the Olympics, we should put the individually-paying customers at the front and those who are accepting (or not) freebies at the back. The corporations would still be jumping the queue by guaranteeing the availability of seats and, naturally, be paying over the odds for the privilege.

    Just a thought.

    As regards the link in the opening post, the comments are much more entertaining than the journalism. And they show how history has been distorted. Remind me, what was the purpose of the Atlantic Convoys - to bring Russians to help defend the UK? And Dunkirk. WTF was all that about?
  11. Dont worry, the spin doctors will come up with their excuses by 09.00 hrs Monday morning. :)
  12. ...on 13 August?

    ...or 1 April, 2013, together with the accounts?
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  13. Not from where I was sitting. There was an empty block reserved for the officials, but the stadium was full of punters.

  14. Read more: Olympic seating: Day one of the Games sees banks of empty seats at key venues | Mail Online

    I don't know if this is a joke or not...

    Maybe the Olympic commitee should quickly print out some A4 laminated cards (call in the AGC) with the sponsors name on them. Put them on the seats and hey presto!

    A quick pan of the camera reveals who has turned up and who has mugged off the games. And the firms are getting free advertising.

    Failing that, as many have mentioned on the DM (and else where) if the seats aren't filled (say) 30mins before the start, move everyone forward, and fill the back seats with people who may be enjoying the 'atmosphere of the olympic park and refreshments' but not squandering their tickets.

    These tickets should have been given to the achievers at schools up and down the country, so that they, and a parent or two, could be 'inspired'. I an't think of anything much more inspring than watching the worlds finest on the sports pitch after being shown your way through security by the worlds finest too (albeit brough tin at the last minute).