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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mcclurg, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. I'm just attempting to plan for courses I wish to do in the coming year, and being TA, I need try and fit them in with the rest of my life. Sadly, as everyone in my unit is on leave at the moment, I can't ask anybody in there, so I'm hoping you guys can help!

    Firstly, I'm commissioning in September, but was previously planning to attend a PTI course in October; while I originally thought I would then have to cancel those plans, somebody in a different unit informed me that an officer can still do the PTI course. Apparently there is ETL and PTI, but I am yet to see a PTI officer. Can anybody confirm if I'm able to do the course?!

    Next, I'm looking to do both AACC and AAPC next year (adventurous I know, but I'd might as well do it while I'm young and able!), but can anybody tell me how long the TA courses last?

    Finally, while doing some work in Fremington camp, I saw a lot soldiers on quad bikes, and coincidentally had seen the "defence quad biking course" in the courses manual. Does anybody know a) if what I saw was defence quad biking, and b) can TA personnel do it?! It looked like good fun!

    Any help appreciated!

  2. Hmmmm, without wanting to put you down and in the nicest possible way, 'curb your enthusiasm'!! Why not concentrate on passing the commissioning course rather than worrying about PTI and quad biking courses? What practical application do you think that will have at Battalion? I take it you are still attempting to join 1 R IRISH? If you are, then you will have an almost zero chance of attempting the AACC as there is simply no requirement for it. Also AAPPS, which is the course I believe you were refering to when you typed AAPC, is pretty much a non starter in Battalion at the moment, there have been guys loaded onto it since Christmas and all their courses have been canceled, if the Paras can't get there jumps in, then we don't have much of a chance! There is a large backlog of guys from 1 R IRISH waiting to do jumps and in any case Officers get 'volounteered' for the course, they don't volounteer themselves. ;-) Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the advice :) Yes, I do want to join 1 R IRISH, but I have university yet to look forward to! Atm, I'm a TA bod, and am in 40 signal regiment (as well as attached to the OTC). We seem to be quite good at getting places for courses too, and I'm just trying to get as much as I can when I have the free time!
  4. Im on that course in 2 weeks time and unless you want to do a tour in HERRICK in the next few months then by all means apply for it.....but some how i dont think you fall into that category!!! Like some one has said, concentrate on joining up, getting through training, get posted then curb your enthusiasm and ensure the lads that need it get on the Quad course!!!