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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by grubbingsapper, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. hey all.

    been lurking a long while but ive got a bit of new year bravery so got the plums up to post!
    re enlisted last year and all of it has gone pretty smooth apart from a few wierd things.

    where i am now there is a staffy working out of a field support squadron who was a lance jack at my first posting who is now wearing parachute wings and a commando dagger , granted he could have earned them over the years but the last course i was on in 08 he was in the same camp and had been there for 4 years and was known for his amazing non phys abilitys and biffness and he certainly has never been badged up when i have seen him, its also pretty much confirmed he is going to get a pull for it soon as a few eyebrows are raising.
    im not out to splash names around or cause aggro but its not the first time ive seen this. is it getting a bit more common as a friend at 28 who was at 59 (rip) with me said they had pinged a few guys playing dress up at other units over the past couple of years?! how do guys get away with this and what are the punishments?

    just curious not a waltfinder :)
  2. Then may I suggest that on your profile A**r*n that you do not display your email address with your name splashed on it. You never know who is reading :D
    If you are that concerned just report through your CoC
  3. Well he could have got his shite together and phys'd up! Either way I bet his persec is better than yours.
  4. fair one, all fixed :oops: i am certainly not going to make a big deal of it just curious as to how common it is, there is no way he bagged them mainly because he has never been near 59/24 and has been a sapper since day 1, met a few people with quals as well that have suddenly clammed up when a chance to dig in with them arises :D
  5. If he is wearing the badges, and you feel he is not entitled to them, drop a line through your CoC. They can check his unicom or whatever it is now adays.

    But be certain you are correct in your assertations....

    Surely if you can place him in certain units at certain times, you can ring your old cronies at your Cdo/Para units and check if anyone has ever heard of him at these units.
  6. Ive seen loads of people who haven't been attached/posted to Para/Commando units who have done All arms courses in the past. I have known some one in the REME who did this though and was when and truely ousted....unfortunately it didnt stop him from going up the ranks, but hes well known within the forumns from a while back.
  7. Seems to be the way. like i said before i dont lose any sleep over it but he 100% hasnt been anywhere near the courses i spent a large portion of my time at 59 and he certainly wasnt there at any point plus he is too young to be of the time where you could just go on the course then return to unit (apparently that was an option in times gone by)

    Again at 39 a guy was caught out with wings on on day 1 of turning up from another regiment , the topcat was ex 9 and even when the guy tried a bluff by saying he was ta parachute regiment the boss got on the blower to the relevant people to confirm

    wierd cats man thats all i can say
  8. If you were 59 get all pally with him and the truth will out over time. Your lot have some reunions all the time so bag him a place on the bus and try drag him along.

    Pm sent so you can help me find a big handsome mustachioed man from 59 recce who owes me a wet and a soapy pectoral w*nk
  9. Juan, bushy mustaches have not been de riguer at 59 recce for years, decades possibly. When the Spice Boy generation turned up the mystical C Y shaped them in his image (sans facial hair) then went off to Antrim and higher things.

    Unless the Afghan war has sponsored new growth, that is.
  10. GS, I was Squadroooon 85-93 and 95-98, were we there at the same time?
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    They don't.

    For a SSgt it would almost certainly result in a Major AGAI 67.