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Lot 24 - Framed Print All That Was Left Of Them

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From JoseyWales (ARRSE User):

"I have a print by Caton Woodville entitled, ' All That Was Left Of Them'

It depicts 'C' Squadron 17th Lancers on the 17th of September 1901,
at Modderfontein. In it's frame it measures approx 3'6" by 2' 6".

This was given to me by the wife of my friend who died last year.
It is an old print, there is an old card on the back of the frame
describing the action."

Do I hear £300? ... gentleman looking at his PC monitor? ...
The old piece of card on the back of the frame reads;

" All That Was Left Of Them. "

" At Modderfontein on September the 17th, 1901, the C Squadron of the 17th Lancers were surprised and surrounded. The odds were one hundred and fifty of our Lancers to four hundred of the enemy - the position untenable; - but answering their young officer's shout of to the ' Death or Glory Boys ' upheld that famous motto of their regiment by fighting till they fell by explosive bullets at twenty, ten, and even five yards.

Such deeds may not win battles, but such courage makes our nation "
Come on - the £300 was a joke. Somebody start the ball rolling please.
30 english quids


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