Lot 20 - "Road Trip to Hell" and "Its Your Time..."

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Two books from Monday Books. Both signed by the authors and paperback.

"It's Your Time You're Wasting" - Frank Chalk

"FRANK CHALK is an ordinary teacher in an ordinary British school...a school where the kids beat up the teachers, get drunk and take drugs - when they can be bothered to turn up. It’s Your Time You’re Wasting is Chalk’s bleak but blackly humorous diary of his final year in the modern education system. He fights apathy (his own and everyone else's), battles the tearaways and worries about the few conscientious pupils, recording his experiences in a dry and very readable manner. He offers top tips for dealing with unruly children and their parents, muses on the shortcomings of the staff (including his own) and even spots the occasional spark of hope amid all the despair. His book will horrify (and amuse) millions of parents and will become a must-read for many of the country‘s 400,000 teachers. Frank Chalk is a pseudonym. He taught for ten years in comprehensive schools in an English city before being driven out of teaching this year by a combination of fear, despair and anger."

"Road Trip to Hell" - Chris Hughes

CHRIS HUGHES, the Daily Mirror's defence correspondent, was the first western reporter into Iraq after 9/11, the first into Saddam's secret bunker and the only one to visit Osama bin Laden's mountain lair. He was also the only western journalist present when American Marines killed and wounded unarmed demonstrators in Fallujah, sparking the savage insurgency. He’s survived carjackings and missile attacks, watched mothers weep over the skeletons of sons dragged from mass graves and joined mercenaries flying crates of guns out of Baghdad. Hughes has been to every major troublespot in Iraq in a dozen visits. He contrasts the disciplined professionalism, restraint and good humour of British troops with the gung-ho sloppiness of their American counterparts, and mixes with the SAS, British mercenaries and ordinary Iraqis; in Road Trip To Hell he tells their stories with wit and irreverence in a very readable style. He admits he’s no expert on the Middle East - 'I wanted to call this book 'Clueless in Gaza',' he writes, 'but George W Bush rarely invades places with potential for witty literary allusion' - but he has a fine eye for detail and black humour and gives a unique insight into a terrible, crazy war.
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