Lot 18 - "Wasting Police Time" and "Watching Men Burn"

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Two books from Monday Books. Both will be paperback and will be signed by the authors.

"Watching Men Burn"

"Missile operator TONY MCNALLY had a vital job in the Falklands - to protect the British ships and men from air attack by the fearless and desperate Argentinian pilots. On the 8th of June, 1982, McNally and his Rapier system were dug in on the hillside overlooking Bluff Cove, guarding the Sir Galahad troop ship as it sat waiting to offload hundreds of soldiers. Suddenly, enemy fighter bombers screamed into the bay... and McNally’s system failed. He watched, helpless, as bombs rained down on the defenceless ship. Fifty men of the Welsh Guards lost their lives and many others - famously including Simon Weston - were horribly burned. McNally’s life changed in that moment. He left the army after the war and - though he re-enlisted and even volunteered for two tours of Northern Ireland - he was riddled by guilt and plagued by nightmares and flashbacks of that awful day. He later fought a groundbreaking Post Traumatic Stress law suit against the government but continues to suffer the after-effects of Bluff Cove to this day. Twenty five years on, Watching Men Burn is his gripping, moving and occasionally funny story of army life and the dreadful reality of warfare and its effects on the survivors. Foreword by Simon Weston."

"Wasting Police Time"

!PC DAVID COPPERFIELD is an ordinary beat bobby quietly waging the war on crime...when he gets time. He's usually drowning in a sea of paperwork, government initiatives and bogus targets. Wasting Police Time is his hilarious but shocking picture of life in a modern British town. It's a world where teenage yobs terrorise old folks, drunken couples beat each other up in front of their children and drug-addicted burglars and muggers roam free. PC Copperfield reveals how millions and millions of pounds in taxpayers' money is wasted and frittered away while the thin blue line is crushed under the burden of mad, politically correct bureaucracy, as crime statistics are fiddled shamelessly (he explains how) and crime spirals ever upwards (he shows why). It's the first time a British policeman has addressed these issues in a book. PC Copperfield's internet diary, Coppersblog, is essential reading for many thousands of people. It has won online writing awards and attracted rave reviews for its dry wit from The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Observer and The Daily Telegraph. The Mail on Sunday ran 10,000 words from the blog across three full pages. He brings the same incisive, acid humour to bear in Wasting Police Time. 'Never, ever call the police,' he writes, 'because we won't help you. My advice is this: buy a gun and never open the door to any government official again.' His advice may not go down well with the Home Secretary, or PC Copperfield's own Chief Constable, but it will certainly strike a chord with a million serving and retired police officers and millions of ordinary Britons."
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