Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by DuklaPrague, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. Hi,
    I wish to join the army/navy but have two problems.
    I had childhood eczma and asthma which i have grown out of. last time on record would be about 7 or so years ago.
    My advise so far from one currently serving and one ex soldier has been say nothing and it will be ok. Being honest will cause more problems than it is worth.

    But if it shows up i will look like a lying toe rag and booted out for something which could have been avoided.

    What is the process...ie will i take medical records to the military medical, will it show up, should i own up.

    How is childhood asthma viewed.

    If i pass army medical will they look at previous medical history?

    Please help desperate to get in and dont want to mess it up.
  2. Hello

    If you post this query in the professional etc etc forum you may get an informed answer. However my opinion which I've sounded off in a couple of threads is


    If you can be confident and say it was purely a child hood thing and you haven't experienced any issues in the last 7 years go for it

    BUT if you are in denial it will catch you up one cold and hard morning.
    I still say take the risk
    (I'll stand by for all the warry c++ts to gob off about having oppos that may go down/may not be up to the job of "fix bayonets") and all the pussers half wits who shout about reactions to CS etc etc etc

    IF YOU WANT IT GET IN THERE, they can take it off you once you have it (which I doubt very much)

    I am blind as a fUnkin bat (really would not be accepted in any UK forces) but "forgot" to take my contact lenses out for my medical. I served six plus years in with 3 commando brigade and never had an issue

  3. Cheers mate.

    Just was not sure if i took my records to my medical.

    I am easy doing the BPFA, play footy, rugby, ski, scuba.....never have a problem..so cant see how i would be in any trouble passing a medical.

    Never used/needed inhalors at the time. It was the "on record" bit that i was worried about...

  4. Err well, your GP will need to fill in your medical history and unless they've lost the records at the surgery... they're going to know you had asthma as a child. I think current "policy" is to make you wear a bib identifying you as a past asthma sufferer at the RSC medical, they then make you pedal on an exercise bike whilst inhaling pure methane.. or maybe it's oxygen.. I can't remember the name of the process, possibly because I'm slightly drunk. I think it's called styro.. something... stry... anyway if you don't have any lasting effects from the asthma then you will pass.

    I know 4 recent recruits who passed with no problems on said test.

    It's pretty easy to avoid declaring eyesight issues as that's up to you to get filled out, but your GP has to fill out much of the current questionnaire; I don't see how you're going to avoid it without going to a lot of effort at deception. I can't see the wisdom in it.
  5. Last night in home town, boozers open late but no wing man do I go out.....gotta be up at 0530 tommorow

    Answers quick ta
  6. It's student night isn't it? I'd go out. At least you'll know where to put your eyes.

    Plus I prefer 1-2 hours of sleep to 3-4.
  7. Well have had many GP's as i have moved around a lot would doubt if anyone had my records unless they are on some central computer thingy but as it was 7 years ago maybe not..

    Thanks for the advise thegimp... it has been encouraging..

    I would go out and stay up????
  8. Records get forwarded to each subsequent GP.

    The chances are extremely high that your GP will note your asthma on the Army (if you choose to go Army..) medical questionnaire. I really think this idea of "don't declare it and it won't matter" is actually mute; your GP will declare it in spite of you and you're going to have to prove it doesn't effect you at the RSC... and if it doesn't... why worry that you can't prove it?

    Christ the medical standards are more lax than people think. I knew an Ammo tech with ******* CP4! (Colour perception 4)

    "Cut the green wire!" "They're both brown!"
  9. Yes, true.

    I see that if i dont have it then i can show this and no problem. Just heard many stories of even kiddy asthma resulting in a feck off and go home.....this is what i was trying to find out...

    Thanks for your time.
  10. I think they will give you a lung function test but as long as you have not used an inhaler for the past 5years (don't quote me on this) this is not considered a problem.

    I'd be more inclined to question the eczma as having a skin condition is more likely to lower your effectivness in the field.