I wish to join the army/navy but have two problems.
I had childhood eczma and asthma which i have grown out of. last time on record would be about 7 or so years ago.
My advise so far from one currently serving and one ex soldier has been say nothing and it will be ok. Being honest will cause more problems than it is worth.

But if it shows up i will look like a lying toe rag and booted out for something which could have been avoided.

What is the process...ie will i take medical records to the military medical, will it show up, should i own up.

How is childhood asthma viewed.

If i pass army medical will they look at previous medical history?

Please help desperate to get in and dont want to mess it up.
Its a while since I was in, but as it was childhood and you have been 7 years clear of both, I don't think there will be a problem at all if you declare it.

Someone more current may have the more up to date rules, or alternatively search the arrse archives I am sure this has been covered in a previous thread.

Good luck.
if neither condition causes you problems now keep your cards to your chest mate, mentioning Athsma or Eczma to the army medics is like mentioning terrorism to the yanks, you'll be out that door faster than than you know it
your medical history will be checked as you join, If you look at other threads within these forums you will see the governing factors regarding asthma, inhalers and recruit suitability..It has been covered that many times that I can't be bothered to repeat any of it, but the words four years and free from inhalers spring to mind. Good hunting
I had childhood asthma, but had not had a problem for 10 years+. I mentioned it at my medical. They referred me to a specialist, who set me on a running machine with a pipe in my mouth. The asthma had been an allergy and therefore wasn't affected by running. I passed with no problems and have been in 10 yrs+. If they ask you and you say no, you are untrustworthy!
I'm not a Dr and can only give my advice from my point of view

Tell the truth.

Your GP will fill out the medical forms, and if you have a record of having asthma on your medical records it will be put down and sent off - I would then imagine it's upto the disgression of the medical side who I'm sure will take into consideration of how long your last 'attack' was and wether it was a severe case of asthma and perhaps they may refer you to a specialist before inviting you for selection. Speak with your local Dr and see what he thinks and wether he can add it was 7 years ago since you last had asthma

Don't get caught out, you'll look and feel like c*nt

Like I say I'm not a Dr and I don't think it'll rule you out but don't be un-trust worthy and ruin your chances of a career if there is a chance it can be over-looked or sorted out. I believe the Army are looking for honest and dedicated people, honest being the word you should think of

There's my 2p's worth anyway :D

Good luck

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