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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. For some, like msr, it takes a change of unit to get the old mojo back. If you fancy a change, rather than leave the TA and revert to weekends spent being dragged, hung over, round shops, why not follow his example and make a move toward something with promise?

    I have just the thing ...

    Command Troop, Royal Yeomanry
    The Royal Yeomanry website

    What is Command Troop?

    Command Troop is a specialist team of soldiers and officers. It is the nerve centre of the regiment. With the Royal Yeomanry's recent expansion in size and the return of armour, it is about to re-form.

    What does Command Troop do?

    On exercise and on operations, Command Troop’s job is to set up, maintain and defend the regimental headquarters. In high-tempo manoeuvre warfare, Command Troop must be able to do this again and again, keeping the regiment mobile and in control.

    Who can join Command Troop?

    Command Troop is made up of soldiers of all levels from trooper to sergeant major. Junior ranks need no specialist qualification at the time they join.

    What will I get out of being in Command Troop?

    The key benefits of becoming a member of Command Troop, are:
    • An insight into command and control role
    • Improving your high-level tactical awareness through assisting in the orders process and preparation of map traces
    • Acquisition of new skills
    • The opportunity to do a variety of challenging courses
    • Excellent preparation for progression into a sabre squadron

    Which jobs in Command Troop are available now?

    Rank - Role - Number -

    L/Cpl - Troop L/Cpl - 1
    Tpr - RAC Soldier - 5

    What training will Command Troop do?

    The troop will undertake its own evening and weekend training, in addition to regimental CPXs, FTXs and annual camp. All members of Command Troop will have the same MATT requirements (including fitness and marksmanship) as the rest of the regiment.

    Who will I be working with?

    In addition the jobs listed above, the other members of Command Troop (who have already been allocated to the troop) are the –

    Regimental Signals Officer (RSO)
    Regimental Signals Warrant Officer (RSWO)
    CBRN Officer
    Intelligence Officer
    Operations Officer
    Troop Sergeant
    Troop Corporal
    Troop Lance Corporal
    and four other troopers

    You will also work closely with the Commanding Officer and regimental 2IC.

    What courses will members of Command Troop do?

    Those that are not already Land Rover and basic signals qualified will get those qualifications. Going beyond that, Command Troop soldiers will be required to do:

    • Advanced Signaller (CLANSMAN and BOWMAN)
    • All Arms AFV Crew Commander
    • CVR(T) Driving and Maintenance
    • Satellite Comms
    • Long-Range Comms
    • CBRN Cell Controller and Assistants
    • Int courses

    The RSWO has the authority to bid for places on these courses for members of Command Troop, and will do so. This is not a bullsh1t promise: personnel will be put forward for these courses as soon as they join Command Troop.

    Where is Command Troop located?

    The troop is located at Fulham House TAC in Putney, London. It will parade there on most Wednesday evenings, with the occasional one at Croydon (transport to get down there will be provided). Its vehicles are kept and maintained by Command Troop at Croydon.

    To find out more about Command Troop

    Send me a pm!

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  2. Hey - like the new name for HQ Coy, Dr E.

    Hang on.............. isn't this basically a job mix of:
    putting up tents
    taking down tents
    brew bitch for the RHQ
    stagging on

    Tell me I'm wrong - can't fault the marketing though..
  3. Question of attitude/enthusiasm/leadership, I guess. There are some who say that being in the TA is basically a job mix of:

    furniture removal
    MATTs again and again
    temping agency for the MoD

    But we know better than that.
  4. Judging by the look on the bloke's face I will give it a miss, he looks like he would rather be somewhere else!
  5. OH NO! - I thought that was it......there's more?
  6. Inside he's smiling.
  7. I'd not join a unit that puts microphones up noses

    Or has a Captain with the first name of Grenville, for that matter
  8. Its in Putney?

    "I never go south of the river." {to be read in a cockney accent}

  9. Its actually just north of the river, which curves to accomodate the Eight Bells pub, the Zulu Muster for Fulham House.
  10. What's that, Dr Evil?

    There's a new unit where I can..

    - Charge around the landscape in cool mini-tanks
    - Work with sophisticated communications systems
    - Enjoy a debonair cavalry lifestyle with no infantry achy foot slogging or CSS boredom

    All while wearing a silver evil jump suit with spurs & shoulder chains at the beating heart of a thrusting, expanding regiment in a unique role?

    Wow... that sounds great. I'll come along to Fulham House ( nearest tube, Putney Bridge ) on Wednesday evening.


  11. But are you man enough to face Bad Teeth Brian, the caretaker from hell?

  12. That's a toothbrush moustache.
  13. Then I'd not join a unit that allows the moustache to reach the ear.
  14. You sure about that?

    Come on - don't you aspire to be like ...

  15. Damn your eyes, Dr. Evil, damn them to hell.