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Lost your gimmpy

Posed !! that has got to be the cleanest weapon in afghan, along with the gucci clean outfits, all that's missing is a poster in the background for the movie they are making, what's the local equivalant of Bollywood?
Just wondering if you have lost a g.p.m.g/m240 then I think this bloke has it http://kitup.military.com/2011/01/wtf-talib-with-captured-m240.html
I know of 1 which was left in 2008 along with the 3 US Soldiers and Interp as the rest of the Patrol drove away abandoning the dead to the Taliban. Reuters cameraman embedded showed film of Taliban twisting SFC McCabes head through 360 while still in the helmet and taking Ammo and M4's off the M1114. The Officer who made the decision has since been forced out of the service.


Kit Reviewer
I seem to remember reading that the British had miss placed over 50 LMG/GPMGs in Afghanistan in recent years
Wrong Gun. they were Minimis, not GPMG's. The British aren't the only ones to loose weapons. The Pentagon's Office of Inspector General noted that US Centcom lacked well definewd procedures to track and locate weaponry supplied to the ANSF.

Lost U.S. Weapons May Be Going to Taliban, GAO Says - washingtonpost.com

U.S. regains huge weapons cache lost by Afghans - USATODAY.com

I also suspect the French lost a few when that SF unit got ambushed a few years back.

Now this is not a you're just as bad as us thread. The fact that these weapons are out there in the hands of a Taliban puts all NATO lives at risk. The British problem is that they have to rely on overland routes from Pakistan for their heavy equipment being brought up on Jinglies - where it seems these Minimis went missing. To my knowledge the US flies practically everything in bar AIFV's (correct me if I'm wrong Goldbricker) so they have a different problem - how to trust the people they are giving the weapons too. I suspect that the missing 5.56 weapons (The British Minimis and US M-4 Carbines) will be a bit less of an issue as the region - read Pakistan and Iran - doesn't use the 5.56 round. Whereas the 7.62x51 that the GPMG/FN-MAG/M240 is used by ******* everybody - including Pakistan. As a result Ammo is more readily available. It could possibly be more available than the 7.62x54 PK ammo. I'm not saying the Taliban couldn't source 5.56 - The Saudis use 5.56 in their Stehr AUG's for example, and of course there are some ANA/ANP who would quite happily sell ammo. But the Taliban supply chain is set up for 7.62x39, so I suspect that these guns would give the firer prestige but hinder more than help because once he's fired his mags he can hardly ask the Taliban QM for more.
Knowing the RLC I'm surprised the trail of the minimi serial numbers didn't lead back to a fire at Donnington. That's how they usually cover their tracks.

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