Lost....too right Im lost.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by jack-daniels, May 27, 2010.

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  1. Having wasted 6 years of my life watching it I'm still none the wiser as to what happened in the last episode....apparently they were all dead or so I think.
    Anyone know what happened?!!
  2. They all died eventually, everyone dies.

    1-3 seasons of really good imagine.

    4 5 and 6 of.. oh right, erm how should we end it?

    Purgatory ? yeh we all knew that from the start.

  3. i gave up in series three...time travel just took it to far
  4. Don't fret - at the beginning of Series 7, they all step out of the communal shower and find that evrything before was just a baaaaaad dream.

    ..............or was it?
  5. Choice of ending plane lands all disembark or move to parallel world where all perish.
  6. Appareently, ABC (who produced Lost) will be running several "explainer shows" in the next year or so.
    As well as a Reality show, based on all the people who just wasted 6 ears and need a game show to explain that fact to the baited breath millions in America!
  7. I gave it up not long after season 3 started. Doesn't sound like I missed much.
  8. I gave up after the second episode.
  9. Weren't there polar bears or some such in episode 1 - was that ever explained?
  10. Me too

    They were not all dead and in purgatory and was a rip off of Ashes to Ashes, they were alive when they crashed on the island and many died at different times throughout the series, some lived and stayed there and some escaped

    It was the sideways story in the last series where they never crashed was a sort of purgatory, whats confused people is that there were people there who didn't die in the show, this is because the sideways world was set way in the future after everyone had died including those who escaped.

    The frustrating thing is that many things were left with a "just because" explanation, I enjoyed it, including the finale, but feel the second half of the last series was a bit repetitive and explained very little.

    Apparently the complete blue ray box set is to include extra scenes depicted after the plane leaves and Hugo dies, so not much of a marketing gimmick then ?!?!?
  12. Locke/The Black smoke,how does that fit into your sideways world?
  13. Gave up with so they were dead or not
  14. Apparently if you take the last names of each of Oceanic surviviors, and re-arrange the letters, it's actually an anagram for "Get A Life".

    Nuff said.