Lost, STOLEN and Damaged BFPO Mail

Have you had problems with the BFPO system?

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I have now been in Germany for 12 months; during this time I have never had so many personal items of mail gone walkabouts, never to been seen again. Which is becoming very very frustrating! I have noticed that the main items that have gone missing are from companies that brand their postal packs such as M And M Sports etc, however I have also had a number of banker’s cards go missing. When receiving cards through the post in the UK, the post room generally places them in the safe and waits for the cardholder to collect and sign for the item. Why does this not happen in Germany?

This never happened to me when I was in the UK. Don’t get me wrong I am sure it happens with Royal Mail, but compared to the business size, volumes of mail processed and addresses covered by both Royal Mail v BFPO, it seems this is a huge problem for BFPO.

Has anyone else had this problem? Has anything being done about it? Is there anyone in BFPO who we can report missing items to? I did popped in to my BFPO Sqn in Gutersloh to ask the people in the know, but they were as helpful as giving a pork sausage to a starving Muslim!


War Hero
I have also had stuff go missing through BFPO.......and funny enough I was also at Gutershite...... Big FUking P1ss Orifice
Would you have a nice little survey in the real Naafi about your missing Y fronts from M&S????

Well don't be a
and post this sh1te in the arrsehole or the postie section. They're more than likely the tw@ts that are helping themselves to your man knickers!
I bought a Bose stereo off of ebay - made its way to Mill Hill. Never arrived in Germany, though. Also posted my computer through the BFPO system when I left the Army, because I needed it for Uni - they smashed it to bits!!!

The posties, IMHO are nothing but a bunch of unprofessional, theiving tossers. One even posted on here once, how he liked to kick around peoples post!
Sent loads of stuff through BFPO, never had a problem. The problem I have had is getting firms to send to a BFPO address!

Having been part of the 'mail chain' on exercise, I can certainly appreciate why the recommendation is to wrap items well. All people see are big blue bags, and they are being thrown around, not through a deliberate lack of care, but when the helo suddenly says 'right, we can take another 30 sacks of mail, we're taking off in 2 minutes', and they're all in a portacabin 200 meters aways, you end up throwing them into the back of a vehicle to race back to the helo.
Civvie companies are not much better. When on leave many years ago I would drive an HGV for courier work from London to Birmingham and back on nights. They way the employees treated the parcels was shocking - anything marked 'fragile' was guaranteed to get a kicking.

If you want really thieving gyppo posties, come to Hungary - the cnuts used to steal about 30% of all my parcels so I switched to DHL (which is not cheap!)
Have you ever tried claiming for post lost? I sent myself a package from Iraq (that confused HM Mail no end) as soon as i mentioned BFPO every man and his dog had to fill a form in.

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