Lost-sense of humour


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I lost my sense of humour a few years back, oh I'Vve got another one now but the original one was so much better, I last had it in Bosnia in 1996 but didn't have it when I came back, if you have found it leave it here and I will collect it as soon as i get my motivation back!
Did you lose it just after "Bonjour Le Touquet!!", or was it after the "don't let them see me going to bed like this!!" incident.
I know of a way to look for it, how about reuniting the lads who would know where to look. We could start in the Hilton Genoa!!!!!!!But no Karaoke this time!!

Yours Murph x x x
Try looking in the posh offices and see if the morale hoover is still around, you never know what you might find
A recent DCI (02/042) has stipulated that Reg QMs are to collect in all NATO standard sence-of-humours to be reissued on the recalculation of the arms plot (post Afghanistan).
Any personnel requiring a sense-of-humour (SOH) in the meantime are to use the ol' standbys "stiff-upper-lip" and "career-laugh".  If these fail the New Labour third way of "every cloud has a silver lining" should see you through to your sign off date.  (N.B. most USOs have also withdrawn the use of silver-linings due to the fire risk).
Any personnel found in possesion of a non-standard SOH or worse, those who loose those issued to them can expect to be subject to severe disciplinary action....
I suggest you steal somebody else's quickly, before yours is missed.
Flyingrock, having listened to your evening 'show', I too have lost my sense of humour. Any chance you can place an advert on said show as I drive home from work. I have tuned into a German channel as I find it hillarious in comparison (BTW, I speak and understand no German!)


War Hero
This could be a new trend in broadcasting, as the Germans listen to me and not Goyman "das war", sorry you're not impressed, maybee you left your SOH in Aldergrove?


War Hero
Now this is quality banter!!!!, I wonder when the land crabs will find this site and turn it into Cranwell mess, see you for a few wet ones in two weeks Capt F, I can feel it coming back now...............
Hey, looking forward FR. How easy would it be for you to insert the word 'arse' covertly on your show one evening? That would make my trip home all the more interesting! ;)
Flyingrock, listened in on my way home the other night (Tues) and clocked your link here. Top banana, bloke ;D

PS I wasn't actually listening to your show, I just came across it as I was tuning in to Einslive! :p

PPS Got any dirty piccies of Hermina? :eek:
Ive just got myself a great new sense of humour it came wrapped in a cellophane and entitled PDR ?

Shuckz it made me laugh some ?
FR - I lost my sense of humour in Bos in 96 as well.  Maybe they ran away together.  They're probably in Mauritius laughing at us now..........  

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