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Dear All

I see that the Sun is reporting that an SA-80 has been lost at Sandhurst.

Is this the start of another urban legend about a foreign student who buried the antitank weapon (used to be a Carl Gustav, but the legend moved with the times and is now a LAW) and then offered to pay for it.

'It happened on the course before mine'

Apparently its was a few months ago and on either the sovs parade or a rehersal one coy's weapons were put in an ante room - one went missing and still hasnt been found!

Mr Happy

The missing 84 and other similar stories are on another thread somewhere, one of my earlier posts.  Might lead to it if you can work the website...


A lot of people at the RMAS are surprised that the news didn't get out earlier.  One theory is that a contractor strolled off with it (whilst they where left unguarded becos OCdt X left them to find his replacement).  The loss wasn't reported outside the coy till several hours later.

My mate had a great time searching through woodland with the rest of his platoon at 01:00.

The guards still searched cars on the way out the gate after the Christmas ball - just in case ;D


Maybe the weapon is with the 18,000 left or right boots that the Sun also told us about.

If all the weapons were left in the ante-room how can an individual be blamed for the loss?
I saw the story in the Sun last year about a week after it was reported to have happened. Stories of overseas cadets burying weapons and kit so they don't have to carry them are not urban legends, on an ex once a floppy in my Pl buried the 351 while filling in his shell scrape. After a DS supervised modacs check and a quick filling in of another sort the said floppy retrieved the radio and was given the LAW to carry too.

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