Lost Private and confidental reports

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by tommo16, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. I am an ex 2 Royal Anglian and AGC (MPGS) soldier combined 7 years service! Although i only served for that period i was informed by a mate ex RGJ that all ex service personnel are entitled under the freedom of information act to obtain all privtae and confidental reports on one's self?

    I recieved discharge book after a lengthy 7 month wait in 1999 november having left in the march of 1999! I served in the MPGS only for one year as i hated it that much! Now GLASGOW AGAIN, have said the records have either been lost in transit or misplaced?? Yet again more negillence on Glasgows part no doubt! However there may be a sign of negillence from 2 Royal Anglian as there admin is not too hot either.

    The question is what action can i take? Informed Veterans agency, my RHQ, Glasgow numerous times, Soldier magazine and forces law(no reply!) Anyone assist in any way???
  2. Can you leave MPGS that quick? Is there no return of service?
  3. Have you actually submitted a SAR?

    BTW the FOIA does not apply to personal information.
  4. I got a solicitor to write to Glasgow with a request that under the Data protections Act 1997 and Freedom of Information Act 2005 I required all of my medical docs. After several months of achieving the square route of 0 myself he recieved a reply in 5 days and less than 28 days later I was the proud recepient of my med docs. The privilage cost me £25 and I got all the information I wanted and a little bit more.
    <EDIT> I forgot to say I got all my other documents as well.

    Best £25 I have ever spent.

    Good Luck
  5. Thanks for all the advice everyone. Yes the MPGS if you look into it only requires a years (1 year) satisfactory service! There website explains that, you give 3 months notice at the 9 month point- that was and is, a waste of time in my opinon! Anyway yes i have also submitted an SAR form, but as i stated they say records either lost or misplaced???? . A solicitor looks like a decent option as these knob knockers in Glasgow and MOD just do not give a toss!
  6. Last year I had to get a copie of my records to try to find out What was holding up Vetrans agency. when I finaly got them I found pages missing (lost in there last move) 7 years records completly lost and lots of pages blacked out so could not be read. so now I am in argument about pension as the records do not show service in certian parts of the world. must have been on holiday away from the army for seven years in one part. if you have been in special forces deployment it will not show either.