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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by speckygeek, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. I have been informed that I am to be posted in the next couple of months. I know what unit am going to and managed to get my posting reference order number, so I can sort out some things.

    When I asked my clerks for my posting order they appear to have lost it between their office and my OC's. What I would like to know is why they sent my copy of the posting order to the OC and not myself so I can get all the information I need, is this common practice. I have been to a few units but I have never had my posting order lost.

    I know the unit has a copy of the order but as far as I am aware the units copy does not contain all the information that my one has in it.

    Any advise would be greatly apprieciated.
  2. Ring MCM Div direct. Don't go through your 'lack of' chain of command.

    If they ask why you've lost your posting order - explain what happened and name and shame.
  3. If you have the reference number it is easily rectified. Go through the chain of command - probably to the RCMO who has a direct link to MCM and explain the situation. It is nothing more than a 30 second fax job.

    Do not ring MCM Div directly (unless you are the RCMO - in which case you should know what to do!). IF you do you will put a lot of backs up.

    It is a matter of routine that the OC willl receive a copy of your posting order before you, as will the RCMO and your administiring unit, if you are detached.
  4. It's not suprising that Units loose important paperwork - look at who they make clerks for example.

    If that had your name on it - then it's you who should have recieved it not the OC.

  5. registry will have a copy
    and when mine got lost the adj chased it up untill it was found.

    hope this helps
  6. I have a copy of the units copy. The 2 page version, not the full version. Has any one else recieved a posting order with an LTA on a Sunday!!
  7. Just ring your new unit and ask them when they want you there, it will also be a good time to give your new boss a curtesy call.
  8. Was thinking that myself. I was just wondering if it was common place or if I was just special, either that or really unlucky and I am being posted to a unit that works on Sundays 8O
  9. is it 4gs med reg by any chance they fcuk a lot of things up all the time.
  10. BT is not entirely correct, a P/O should initialy go to the Chain of Command, the RCMO or depatment head/OC, from there is should be distributed to the various departments that need it, albeit, by the clerks, including the Appointee (as JPA now titles us), as for the comments BT makes on look who they appoint as clerks, under JPA, all will be responsible for their own administration, I wonder if BT will be making these comments when he has to complete his own claims and initiating his/her own ACR or will BT be seeking advice from the clerks, Mmmmm I wonder. As for obtaining a copy of your full P/O, Sammy is quite right, go through your C of C and ask for the full P/O with all the Administative Instructions attached.
  11. LTA on a Sunday certainly sounds daft, do you wish to name and shame the MCM responsible?
  12. Better not I still have what I believe to be a promising career left.