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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bradls1, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. I provided my council tax bills to enable me to claim GYH pay from sept 07, i have been chasing this for the past 3 months whilst i have been away on course, i have today been informed that the originals( which i was requested to provide) have now been lost, i also add that when i re-enlisted into the army the admin office also lost my P45 from my previous employer, i personnally think this is gross negligence on there part and i also assume the army are not exempt from data protection laws which surely means they must take every precaution to not lose personal documents. What can i do about this as it will be me who has to chase around trying to get new copies to get the allowance paid? is there anyone i can make a formal comlaint to?
  2. If you want a quick resolution, ask for copies from you local Council and submit these, you are not required to show originals, in fact you are not required to show a council tax bill full stop, it is mealy a measure adopted by Units to try and minimise fraud in this area. If the Council charge you for copies, speak to the RAWO/FSA and ask if you can claim back these incidental costs on JPA...
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    The whole council tax thing now (which was adopted by over assertive Sys-Coords) is now obsolete in most units since the introduction of JPA. Your council will provide you with another copy and you will be charged for it, you are well within your rights to claim this money back. Furthermore, personnaly, I would be putting in a complaint to the CO of your unit with regards to the methods adopted by your unit to prevent this from happening again. The MOST you should be asked to provide is a COPY of any static bill, e.g. Landline phone bill, Gas Bill, Electricity Bill etc. As opposed to CC statements or Mobile Phone Bills, which can be sent anywhere.