Lost- One Sense of Irony

After visiting this site for the past few weeks, it has started to bother me that after living among the Spams for the past four years my sense of irony seems to have deteriorated somewhat. It also struck me as something to be concerned about whilst reading the party-political literature of the recent election.

My question to you good people in Arrseland is whether or not there are any drills that I can use to recover what I consider to be a central aspect of a good old-fashioned British identity. Naturally, I'm otherwise enjoying life on the other side of the fence and therefore I'm not convinced that returning to life with "The Firm" is a sensible option.

Answers on a postcard please...
Remove your head from up your arrse and take your brain out of the pickle jar and place it back in your head, that should bring you back to normallity :wink:

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