Lost on Dartmoor

A walker gets lost in the fog on the moors - darkness falls - he is totally lost and confused (he could not spell dissorientated) but, just as hypothermia is looking like an option - he sees .... yes ....... a light in the distance.

Turns out to be a remote farmhouse - (who'd've guessed) knocks on door - old farmer, holding an oil lamp opens the door.

"Oh - sir, please help me - I've been wandering about these moors in the cold and dark all night and need your help - please could you give me a bed for the night"

"Arrrr - but you'll arf to sleep wiv moy son"

"Er - don't you mean your DAUGHTER"

"No - you'll arf to sleep wiv moy SON"

"BOLLOCKS - I'm in the wrong fcukin' joke"
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