Lost my Veterans' pin

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by angular, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. I managed to leave my Veterans' pin in the US this summer. Does anyone know how to get a replacement? I only wear it in November, so it's not screamingly urgent, but I'd like to get another one. They're on e-bay for £6.99; does anyone know if they pass muster?

    And yes I know it wouldn't matter if I had any medals, but I don't. It wasn't easy defending Western democracy part-time, virtually singlehanded, y'know.
  2. you can get one replacement from the Veterans Agency at Blackpool. I've had one.
  3. Thanks gents. I got the impression you couldn't get another from the Veterans' Agency, but I'm obviously wrong.
  4. Had mine nicked of my work jacket and sent an email to the Vets agency and they sent a new one out within a week !
  5. Mine fell apart within a week of receiving it. I emailed the Vets Agency explaining and received a replacement.
  6. I got a free replacement from the VA as well. They said I'd have to pay for any more losses though!
  7. Ok..vets pin - now I havent got one..is there something I should know? or does 22 yrs not qualify?
  8. Quality not quantity clearly
  9. see here and apply

    HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge
  10. well thankee for the info..I shall apply and see if quantity will have out over quality.
  11. I lost mine and they replaced it with a clear caveat that you get one free issue, one replacement and after that you have to pay. Pay handsomely too, do you hear? Mwawahahaha!

    Actually it is a couple of quid plus P&P...
  12. Part-timer.... or not one of 'THEM'? :eye:
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  14. The "coins" are very american, I recieved one from the International Police Authority in Iraq for building their camp for them..they seem to set a lot of store by them, I recieved another from our mother company which is american for " the boy done good" type of thing but would have preferred a pay rise thank you very much, not sure I would want to carry around a coin stating that I am an ex squaddie, seems a little OTT to me...brings to mind the old timer sitting at the end of the bar regaling all and sundry of his days protecting the empire.
    A pin is sufficient for this old bugger - to be worn only on "ceremonial" occasions which hopefully will be few and far between.
    But for those who would like a coin - go for it.