Lost my Mod 90

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Duck24, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. :|

    What happens when you lose a Mod 90? How much of a bollocking am I in for? Am I best admitting up to it right away or waiting a while to see if it turns up???

    Nervous Duck :?
  2. Nothing at all. See your clerk, get a new one. Takes about a week. Chit in lieu will be issued in the interim.
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  3. No big deal, think I got £25 took off my payslip though.
    Used it in a cashpoint and it obviously got sucked in. It got posted back to my unit personael office with a note from Lancashire Constabulary saying "Take more care when on home leave". I kid you not!

    I was RN though, Army may be different.
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  4. Gone are the days of going on OC's orders and receiving a charge of £50 for accidently putting an ID card through a boil wash.

  5. Not the old type your service no for a £50 advance of pay trick :twisted:
  6. Lost mine in 1987, never bothered replacing it, discharged in 1990, got one from my mate who had two at the time, put it through the washer a couple of times, reported it as damaged and was issued with a temp. to hand in at depot.
  7. Junior soldier in 1986.

    We had our temporary ID cards (just prior to being issued our "pinkie" MOD 90).

    Mine was left in my lightweight trouser pocket and subsequently disintergrated in one of the industrial washing machines.

    I reported to the Sqn clerk for a new one and was subsequently called into visit the OC via the SSM's office.

    After being relieved of £50 I collected my new temporary ID card.
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Lost one in 1997 (along with the rest of my wallet, in a river - long story) and it cost me £50 via a trip to the OC's office, with shouting. It's not chargeable any more though.

    I wonder if I can claim my £50 back on JPA? :D
  9. Out of pure curiousity, why did it change? I also want my £100 back when my wallet was stolen in BAOR in about '84.
  10. Coz its gainst me writes init :wink:
  11. Maybe its because they always used to say the security of your ID is like the security of your rifle and they should be treated the same, then someone lost their rifle and just tried to pay the 50 quid.
  12. I've lost 2 in the last few years. I say "lost", in reality I have one in my car as I'm too idle to get my wallet out when entering camp, one in my idle wallet and the other resides in my goodies box, ready to be used for squaddie discount when I finally get out.
  13. Always handy to "lose" the ID about 3 months prior to coming out.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I lost my wallet complete with RAF Form 1250 while out in Roermond...after a b0llocking of the RAF Plod Sargent on duty in the guardroom,twas issued with a temporary chit & billed 25Dm the next day when I went to P1 to get a new one.
  15. Not so much any more, they all have an expiry date now.