lost my job with lifeline !!!

I have been advised by my doctor that perhaps I should do some
voluntary work, so I applied for a part-time position with Lifeline.
Now I have lost my job with Lifeline after just one week?
I don't know why, I was just sacked from my job with Lifeline.
They wouldn’t talk to me about it.
A bloke phoned and said,
"I'm Abdul Mohammed: and I’m going to kill myself.
I’m lying on the railway track now
waiting for the train to come".
All I said was,
"Remain calm and stay on the line"!


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I phoned childline, but they wouldn't deliver.
I called the Muslim version of the Samaritans and told them I was feeling sucidal and all they said was "Can you drive a truck"?


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I phoned the rape advice line and said "I have got her pinned down, what now?"

They hung up.

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