Lost my AS level certificates

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by A13x, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. I've just handed my application form in, the job i want to do is in the intelligence corps. I have my GCSE's and also 3 AS levels. I have my certificates for my GCSE's but i cannot find my certificates for my AS levels (i didn't do my second year at sixth form). It says on the form i only need GCSE's so will it matter if i cannot find the AS level certificates? The repacements cost would be 35 quid each! Is there any way they can find out i have them without me having to buy new ones? Will i have to get new new ones or will it not matter?
  2. If the job requires GCSE's only, then you should be fine.
    Your best off talking to ACIO.
  3. I'd get them replaced anyway as you never know when you'd be applying for another job where they might want to see them & only the originals or a replacement will do.

    Are you sure its £35 quid each? It should be £35 per certificate, as in for every sheet of paper. Check which exam board your subjects were in. If, like me all your subjects were from the same board then you get just the ONE certificate.
  4. Contact your school and they will inform you how to replace them, it involves contacting your examining body, you may have to pay. Hope this helps. LM
  5. This might be a silly question, but are you sure you even collected your certificates, because you don't get the proper certificates for A-levels when your receive your results. On results day I just got a sheet telling me my results ... I contacted my school and they still had my certificates (three years after I finished 6th form).
  6. i only did one year AS, didn't do A2 so i think the ones i got were the real thing :( they were from 2 examining boards so it'll cost me 70 quid for replacements! I'll contact my school just to make sure, might just say i never recieved then so they might get me a replacement lol worth a try. Annoying thing is that i didn't even loose them, my mum cleared out my drawers and got rid of them after i left sixth form!!
  7. Hey, I didn't have my GCSE certificates but my recruiter said just get a letter from my school with the exam results and that would be fine. So maybe call your college and ask them if they have your results on record?
  8. think i'll do that, only left last month so they should still be on record! :)