Lost medals, Perth, ANZAC Day

Discussion in 'Australia' started by littlejim, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. Three medals for service in Iraq in 2003 were found at the Shed in Northbridge after the ANZAC celebrations. Will be happy to return them on proof of ownership.
  2. Are you going to treat the owner to one of your little Afghanistan/Iraq lectures if he gets in touch?
  3. UK ones?
  4. Aren't the name and regy number engraved on the edges of the gongs?

    Or is that just with the ADM?
  5. Yes, on originals. Lots of Aussies wear replicas to save the originals for display, replicas don't have the owners details engraved on them.
  6. Ahhh yes, of course....

    That's what I love about arrse - you learn something with every visit!
  7. No. I'm going to treat him or her as an Australian soldier obeying orders and proud to shake hands if offered the chance.

    My contempt for the crass stupidity of these pointless wars is reserved for the politicians who allowed us to become involved in them.
  8. you could send an email to Central Army Records Office and if the owner of the medals is still serving, they would be able to contact that person and have them contact you for return of the medals, if he/she is not serving then perhaps Dept of Vet Affairs will have details of the owner and can put the owner in touch with you, failing that. look a the Lost Medals Australia site, a serving officer is making a hobby of finding the owners of lost medals, and finding medals that have been lost, all are worth a try, and if you dont want to go to all that trouble, try the local headquarters of the Army in Perth, I am sure they will be able to help you find the owner. And I have not heard of veterans wearing the repro medals to Anzac Day parades, they are usually wannabes/walts who wear other than the genuine article, just in case a walt hunter trys to check them at the Gunfire Breakfast to see if they are the real thing, especially these days when there are so many of them around buying repro medals to big note themselves.
  9. I know a few blokes that buy repros and keep their originals at home. One of them showed me his repro from Christies and his original ADM side by side, remarking how the quality of the repro was so much better.
  10. Funnily enough Ben, all of the people I know who wear replicas are Afghanistan and/or Iraq veterans. I'm sure they wiould appreciate the implication that they are walts. Come to Darwin next year and meet them. :D
  11. As a Brit, I wear replica Medals, thank god I do, I had them nicked from a Mess in Aldershot after a Remembrance Parade a couple of years ago.

    Benjamin, its appears that you know bugger all.
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Well I don't know him. I do however have a set replica medals. I mount medals and wanted a sample group swing mounted. I sometimes use them if I'm feeling paranoid about the chances of having the originals nicked. I've also mounted quite a few replica medals for people who want to preserve the originals in a pristine condition. DSOs, OBE/MBEs, MCs, RRCs spring to mind as the most frequent in that category.
  13. What I said about repro medals, and I thought I made it clear, is that I dont know any veterans who wear repro medals, and commented that in these days there are so many wannabes/walts who wear repro medals, if that is not clear, check the ANZMI site, there you will find page after page, dozens of them, wannabes/walts who have been wearing repro medals till they got caught, all had what they thought were real good excuses for wearing them, all cried they were being persecuted. So I wear my 9 medals, the ones issued to me, at the Kapyong Day commemoration at the local RSL, again at the Dawn Service on ANZAC Day,at Remembrance Day services, at the odd funeral, sadly, of old Army mates, and wear the miniatures when I put on my old Mess Dress with my little R symbol on the jacket, when I attend the odd Army Dinner, other than that, I dont own repro medals, and would not wear them anyway, so why buy them. And of course I cant go to Darwin to see the blokes who come back from the sandpit, and nor did I intend any insult to them, but I must note I met three Aust and 1 NZ veteran at the recent Dawn Service, and we were talking about medals and the cost of court mounting, and they made no mention of the medals they were wearing being repro, and I assume they are like me, wear the real thing. But of course I will say, I am retired, dont inow what serving soldiers do, if they want to wear repro medals, so what.
  14. what you actually said was:

    which is totally different to:

    Bit of a difference in meaning between the two versions, can you see why it was met with the posts that followed?
  15. got to wonder what was happening in that shed!