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Lost medal

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rgtl_Stick_Insect, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. I got detailed for a Last Post job on Saturday ("Somme Day" at the Cenotaph) and managed to lose my medal on the way home. :x

    I managed to pass through three Police forces, two rail companies and McDonalds before I got home and discovered I'd dropped it, so have a happy few hours ahead phoning / visiting Lost Property offices during the week, on the off-chance that it might get handed in.

    Working on the assumption that it's gone for ever - does anyone know if it's possible to get replacements through the system? (and presumably pay for them).

    It's a TEM (i.e different from modern VRSMs) which probably reduces the possibility even further.

    Fortunately, we're in green mode through until about September, barring funerals etc, so I can borrow one if needed, but I will need to try and get a replacement organised if it hasn't turned up within a couple of weeks.

    Good job I've never done any real soldiering, I suppose! :oops:


  2. You could try AMO Droitwich, failing which you may end up on eBay.
  3. Thanks.

    StickyTips for everyone else:

    1. Take a photo of your medal(s,s,s) while you've got them, including any case. Put a ruler in the photo to give idea of size. Keep photo in case you ever lose them - it makes it easier to explain to dumb civvies!

    2. Add a slip of paper to the storage case with a contact number or address or something.

    3. Do not be tempted to avoid strong drink - travelling sober in a heatwave makes you careless.

  4. Due to the amount of people who used to sell medals then write in for replacements the Medal Office introduced a system whereby they will only replace medals if they are accompanied by a Police loss report or a claim through your Insurance company.

    I know this because some years ago I was tracing my families medals and asked my uncle who had received the Naval GSM for Palestine after the war. He said he had lost it years ago when they moved house. I got his details and permission to apply for a replacement to complete the collection I was building and wrote to the Naval medal office, offering to pay for a replacement. I got a letter back with the details stated above.

    I rang them and explained that my uncle had lost the medal years ago during a house move, it had not been stolen but got no joy. At the finish I got a medal replacement from one of the private medal firms instead. :wink:
  5. Hmmmm... you lost your 'medal'. If you have a TEM, shouldn't you also have lost a Queen's Goldern Jubilee Medal too?
  6. Not really CCB.
    The QGJM required 5 yrs service and the 2001/02 bounty from TA pers. Not everyone got that.

  7. See 'classified' sect of Soldier magazine for details of medal replacement companies; going through official channels takes too long & they'll engrave an 'R' on medals that have number/rank/name on the edge.

  8. Thanks All,
    Loss reported to all relevant authorities - just a waiting game now, but have also found a local route to get a blank replacement sorted out.
    You're right about the QGJM - I didn't get one as I missed Camp the year before, so no Bounty. If they'd announced that earlier I would probably have got out then, but decided to stay in to collect a second shiny.
    I was stood outside St Pauls on the day though! Everyone else got an extra Bank Holiday and we had three days of rehearsals and kit cleaning..
    Not as pi$hed off as the GG Corps though - who were bussed up to us for a [silent] dawn rehearsal, and then bussed back to Public Duties while we were able to mong around in C95. Still - "More Duty, More Honour" Attributed to Black Alec, 1980's