Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by TRAZTAZ, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone help, I was serving with a 4 Bde unit in Osnabruck and as they left to go to Uk I was again posted here in germany. This was last August.I have spoken to both med centers, no one know's where my docs are , I have managed to track down a piece of paper that states my docs were transfered by hand , not true and no signature from me to prove it.
    I really need these docs as I am supposed to see an occupational health concultent. All history of my injury, x rays , cat scans , physio and MIAC clinic is all gone !!
    Is there a way to send out a cc1 call to med centers to check if they have my docs???
  2. Yes, no idea how to do it though
  3. It's all a vicious plot to prevent you from sueing the MoD for knackering your body.

    Sue the bastards for stress instead!
  4. Thanks legs , anyone got some real info?
  5. Has both your FMed 4 and your 965 gone missing?
    If so, go to your RAWO/RAO and get them to look for them. Also go back to your med centre and get them to print off your details so that you have something to to take to your OHC
  6. Worth pointing out as well that the AMS is supposed to operate to the same Clinical Governance standards as the NHS and therefore should be taking this extremely seriously.

    Losing someone's medical record is a serious governance issue within the NHS and you'd have thought both Med centres SHOULD be moving heaven and earth to find where it's gone rather than just blaming you..
  7. when i worked in a medical centre, I had a terrible job tracing medical notes.
    Essentially the postings clerk would request them and we would take them over to RHQ double sealed and get them signed for. Conversly medical notes would take a long time coming in from the soldiers posted-in too.

    This may of happened to you.

    If we couldn't trace a set of notes we would have to initiate lost docs procedure to some place in London [name of which escapes me] where all soldiers notes and some card copies of FMeds were microfiched. These were then copied at sent to us and a new set of notes would be created. Mind you this at the time of good old UNICOM.I have no idea what happens now.

    I suspect you'll have to approach your medical centre and enquire some more. May be speak to the SMO who may get the ball rolling.
  8. As things stand I have been enquiring as to what has happened to my docs for about 8 months , neither unit seems particularly botherd!!!!
    I am fuming as all history on me is gone, no unicom print, no docs, no physio record, nothing!! What to do?
    My last medcenter is now a pile of rubble in the once glorius Osnabruck.
  9. Chase it up, if they've lost them somewhere it should classed as a Clinical Near Miss (or Serious Untoward Incident) as well as losing personal data about you. Slow transit notwithstanding, 8 mths should be unacceptable. Speaking to the SMO is a good idea.
  10. Have been thinking about this a little further, is there a way to place a letter of complaint, if so to who and in what format?
  11. the only thing i can think of is speak to the SMO at a booked appointment.
    Ask if he can help. Then may be speak to the chief clerk at your HQ.

    I'm sure something can be sorted. Express your frustration and the apathy in trying to trace your Fmed4.

    It will have to medically clerked by SMO if you have booked an appointment. Your case will be strengthened by lack of notes when the SMO sees only temporary documents hitherto.
  12. Traz,

    I feel your pain, I was posted from Paderborn to Osnabruck 5 years ago and you'd have thought the small distance involved would have meant my Med docs and Dental docs would've arrived safely in Traz in a timely fashion..... wrong!! yep you guessed it both sets mysteriously went missing. I've now moved on and have got even less chance of being reunited with my docs.

    Likewise, none of the Med centres were that arrsed and really couldn't give a stuff, the most annoying thing was for 5 years every time I went sick I had to go through the same old routine with the same bone questions, "Are you new? are you just posted in" No I'm fecking not Ahhhhhhh bunch of inept c&nts.

    These twats should be made accountable, why are they not???
  13. Bury, if, as the AMS states it now operates to the same standards of governance as the NHS, then they ARE accountable, or at least a named person should be.

    I'm legally accountable for all the patient identifiable information I have control over and it shouldn't be any different for the APHCS.
  14. Can this accountiblity be back dated so to speak? As no doubt the "Named person" who may or may not have forwarded my docs will have probably been posted also. Everyime I try and get any further on this I just get blank looks and the good old, there's not much we can do attitude.

    Cheers. :?

    Edited to add the following link, to the last time I asked the same question, still no docs, all leads end nowhere.

  15. Why dont you write to the Practice Manager? He/She will have to action your complaint.

    You could also enquire at the MIAC Facility that you attended, and ask if they have your notes or possibly your Fmed 4.

    Your Medical Centre should have Emis/Dmicp, There should be a trail on the system regarding your Fmed 4( If correct procedures have been carried out) Failing that a printout of your consultations would be a start.

    Ask your Clerks to submit an trawl across all Forces Medical Centres.

    Ask your Medical Centre to contact APC Glasgow, Your Fmed 4 might have ended up being archived up there.

    Hope this helps.