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I'm trying to get a feeling for the amount of leave not being taken at the moment by units and sub-units returning from ops. My sub-unit is on a 6 monther in the Balkans and 95% of the lads were in Iraq a year ago. When we get back, we will get our 4 weeks POTL but simply won't see any of the 7 weeks (average) of the remaining entitlement.

How many others are in this situation?

What is the chain of command's view of it?

Has anyone received any serious information on how they might be compensated?

Grateful for any info - I fear some of my best are going to be resigning soon, to work in a job where their employer gives them their annual holiday entitlement and where they have some legal redress if they don't...
I had a bad patch of Bosnia-Bosnia-Kosovo where they were taking leave off us to send us out again. We were told by our betters that we were getting tons of post tour leave as it was and 'weren’t we lucky'. I seem to remember recently that some politico had guaranteed that all soldiers would receive all the leave they were entitled to.
ive still got 10 days potl from last christmas, i was deployed again as soon as i came back
An understanding boss should ensure that, if it look like someone is going to lose leave at the end of the year, they apply for it anyway and get a leave denied paper trail established, rather than just saying "I won't get it anyway cos I'm too busy". They might then just have a case for carrying over more days to the next year, although the paper trail may have to go back some time. Also, keep a photocopy of every denied leave pass. At the very least you might be able to get away earlier if you PVR!

I think the bean counters are starting to pick up on lost leave as part of the statistical obsession we have at present and this is one time it might work to our advantage!
I lost 21 days at the end of FTRS because i couldn't be replace in theatre despite plenty of warning being given. Then Glasgow refused to extend to allow me to take my leave.
A mate of mine got back from FI in January(2nd tour there in 18 months)
He's also spent an inordinate amount of time in Canada, The Gulf & Bosnia in the last few years.

The result of all of these shenanigans was that he has had almost no leave come off his card for the last 2 1/2 years.

He had to fight for it, but he's now been on leave since the middle of Jan & is due back at work in the middle of April - You do the maths.

Apparently, you need to find someone high up in the R.A.O. and ask them for their details so you can pass them on to your solicitor.

If you are not being allowed to take what you are entitled to, you decide who you want to make accountable and take that person to court, rather than try to fight the Army, you fight the individual who says no.


Got called into the commanding officers office to explain why I had forty days of leave still to take. By my own account I only should have had about five. Had two leave passes on his desk before he could start asking to many questions. :twisted:
Been there myself, i hadnt gone on a skiing trip because i thought i hadnt got any leave left, then got called in mid Feb and told i had 15 days left and i'd better get them in smartish or loose them. Didnt need to be told twice :D
Leave...apoly for it even if you can't take it and get a photocopy of the pass with the leave denied tick. Sorry to harp on about this..... :twisted:
Mr PVRd advice is good and sound. these are entitlements with potl, and allowance with annual leave. if the unit are getting it wrong it is somebodies bad admin. the old excuse that "you can take it from the next CO/OC, i need you here" is not good enough.

get the leave pass in, get a refusal, keep copies. if you are not being granted your full potl, ask why, get answers in writing. the army can always defer if there are operational reasons, but when the ops cease you are supposed to catch up.

the paper trail is necessary to prove facts. it is possible to sue, although you have internal remedies. you can redress -(please dont start me on this hobby horse)
another good remedy is to request an interview at CO and get it loged, then if no satisfactory response you can use that. you might request the interview by a formal note requesting that you be given the service reasons why your leave is being withheld. refer in your note to QR5.008b

your CO being a good chap or chappess is bound to be familiar with that (ahem!) and possibly also with QR5.002 on CO's duties and responsibility.

you should be notified when you are being visited for ARU. you can request an interview with the visitor. i realise that in some units there will be threats and intimidation to prevent this, it may seem like throwing the nuclear hand grenade, but you can ask and note the responses, document them as before and then see your friendly lawyer. make sure you get a lawyer who is familiar with service ways.

i have just advised one guy about denial of potl - no consultation, just not mentioned. the whole unit have just been shafted. clearly either the heirarchy are allowing this to happen or are turning a blind eye.

i have just realised that i seem to quote QR's a lot. possibly a sign of a sad life or a once exciting life as an adjt. i always found that they came in useful at difficult times though.
Good advice. Leave can only be carred over into the next FY if operations have prevented you taking it.

Good to see that some COs/OCs are looking after their soldiers properly by ensuring that they take their leave. Long may it continue !
I know of a major & WO who regularly take leave without completing leave passes then have the cheek to carry over their remaining leave. I wish I had the down right cheek to do the same, but honesty doesn't allow me to do so. Last year I lost more than 10 days and currently I have about the same remaining and cannot see a snowballs chance in Hell of getting it in!
MrPVRd said:
Leave...apoly for it even if you can't take it and get a photocopy of the pass with the leave denied tick. Sorry to harp on about this..... :twisted:
This is all well and good if you've got a boss who puts a tick in the box. Mine refuses to do this. Instead it's handed back with a postit attached saying 'you can't take this'. When i asked for it to be refused properly, it enters the votex of the office, never to be seen again.
Mine refuses to do this. Instead it's handed back with a postit attached saying 'you can't take this'. When i asked for it to be refused properly, it enters the votex of the office, never to be seen again.
You cannot be serious. Push him to the wire. If you do not get your allocation or leave when you want unless there is an operational reason - then go for a redress.

The CO is responsible for ensuring that his unit gets their leave unless there are influences outside his control; then the system will bend the rules as far as they can to ensure leave is carried forward and no one loses out.
Can I come and work at your unit please :?:
To the man (or woman) with the leave pass problem....redress your boss, as Ramilles says. If we don't use the paltry rights we have, we lose them! You are not doing anything wrong or contrary to the rules!
none of our officers deploy anymore on telic. our tours are to be of 4 months so we do not get any post op leave!! in reality i can fly back after 4 months on say a monday and be back on shift on the tuesday!!!!!


Armyscrew - no POTL for 4 month tour - not true. There are endless threads on ARRSE about POTL. Suggest you find them and have a quick read.

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