Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by royalmile, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. With the current tempo of deployments combined with all the other commitments when back in UK there are a significant number of soldiers who will not be able to take their annual leave entitlement before 31 March. As you can only carry forward 15 days you effectively lose any days over this. I am looking to try and sqeeze in 42 days (this includes 15 days carried forward from last year) by the end of the leave-year and after a quick canvass along the corridor I am not the only one in this position. I have no doubt that there are many others in the same boat and some who will have no chance next year of achieving their entitlement.

    Recently I was chatting to an old regimental friend of mine who is now HR manager in a large UK company and he says that his firm's policy is that if you are unable to take your full holiday entitlement due to the company's requirements they pay you for lost days. I believe that this should be the case in the MoD too. Effectively leave that we have been unable to take is equal to pay and if, for service reasons, we are not able to take it we should not lose out financially.
  2. You can't lose out financially. You're paid 24/7....365 days a year. Leave, work, sleep, w@nk, you're getting paid.

    Grow up, and get on with it.
  3. Royal couldn't agree more. Many civvie firms have this policy and it encourages managers to ensure that individuals are given the opportunity to use all of their entitlement.

    My unit was deployed last year and was unable to take leave from Apr - Nov inclusive. Xmas was taken care of with the 20 days POTL and we had a further 10 day block. This meant that the vast majority had 20 days leave remaining however authority was received to carry this all over.

    Perhaps if we were paid for any lost days higher management would be 'encouraged' to actually make sure that the guys have the chance to use all of their leave. Now if an individual chooses not to take it in order to try and get some extra dosh this should be denied.

    My two bobs worth.

  4. managing your soldiers leave plot should be your highest in-barracks priority...

    if you (and others) have 42 days left between now and march then you've got something badly wrong chap.

    I suggest you look at your unit FOE, ringfence only the absolutely essential, then start getting your lve in, 42 days is arond 8 weeks.

    take 4 for xmas, 2 for half-term and prob 1 for easter (dunno how it falls this year??) and make up another 5 days with long weekends.

    Not insurmountable, but badly planned. This is not a new problem, between 99-01 i did 3 balkans tours as and still got all leave in.
  5. If you got paid at double and treble time for missed leave / public holidays - as they do in the Metropolitan Police for example - every one would get the full whack before you could say *Gordon Brown is reviewing Defence Expenditure*. Furthermore IMHO the proper leave allowance is not understood anyway. Soldiers are entitle to further periods before and after deploying on overseas ops. I must have been owed about 6 months when I left.
  6. I agree that it is not a new problem. In the past I have often not been able to crack the full leave entitlement, and my worst case was 20 months with only 6 days off (effectively 6 long weekends). As I was single then it did not matter so much although as this period included 2 optours I was f*$cked by the end of it.

    Planning isn't always that easy and the reason that I have ended up with so much is due to a Land trawl which meant that I headed off for 6 months at pretty short notice this time last year. Immediately after POTL I was posted to a gapped slot (it had been for 10 months) with a shed load of stuff piled up waiting for immediate action. Then Half Term got knocked on the head due to a meeting for which I was part of the key support team. I am taking 3 weeks at Christmas, a week next half term and 2 weeks at Easter. This will get me to 15 days to carry forward to next year. At least my R&R was not screwed up by the RAF. A number of people I know lost quite a few days of that due to flight cancellations etc.
  7. Leave before deploying - It's called annual leave, no such thing as pre-tour leave anymore.

    I'd be up for getting money back from lost leave, but can't see it happening sadly.
  8. And that is part of the problem everything seems to be essential at the moment.

  9. They've been getting this for donkey years in the Oz Army!

    And career breaks, same sex partners with quarters, etc.

    Just shows how behind the times we are.

    Mind you, if you did get money back for lost leave, there would be personnel who may "abuse" it. Not take any leave at all and get a free month's wage!
  10. you're right...but that is where good leadership will shine, cutting away on lve and letting others get on with it...msn comd and all that.

    i had a boss once who was an extreme micro manager who wouldn't allow lve if there was so much as a meeting programmed in, needless to say, the lve built up unnecessarily
  11. Missing out on leave is nothing new in the Armed Forces. You're already paid for 365 days whatever the hours you put in. If you can't hack it...leave and be a civvie.
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I appreciate things are possibly more difficult with current ops but not once in 13 years did I fail to take all my leave. You just need to plan your year and get it all in early. If they know you'll be away on leave they'll organise things accordingly, nobody is that important things can't happen without them.
  13. exactly...seconded!
  14. FFS. Wake up people - we're not in the Metropoolitan Police, or the Australian Army - We're in the British Army, with it's own rules, values and standards. To suggest that we should be paid for outstanding leave is effectively asking to be paid for the work we actually do, but this goes both ways. What happens when you get given a couple of buckshee days off? Does this extra time off work get deducted from your wages?
    Stop whining and learn to manage your leave.
  15. The minimum statutory holiday entitlement by law is 28 days which is inclusive of 8 days bank holidays. Anything over that is a bonus!

    I used to work for a U.S. Company here in the U.K. and you had to prove that you were unable to take your holiday during the year. An important meeting was NOT taken as an excuse because your department should always have a responsible deputy to look after it, and he/she should have attended the meeting on your behalf with notes if needed. Needless to say everyone always made sure they took time off, and the company worked better because of it. Time and position in the company earned extra holiday entitlement, and the whole building closed for 9 days over Christmas (2 days bank holiday and x days holiday depending on how weekends fell) and that helped getting your days in. Some factories also close for a Summer Break which also is not a bad idea, as everyone wants time off during the school summer break.

    Better time management and perhaps block leave for 25% to 50% of a unit at a time would help?