Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dogs_Gonads, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Hello all new member here.

    I was wondering what is the biggest or the most expensive piece of kit you know to go missing.Not just yourself,anybody you know counts.

    I'm not just talking about weapons here ,but they do seem to go missing on a weekly basis (if your in the GGS in Osnabruck then your tally is two brownings and a mag of ten rounds).

    Would be intresting to know what poeple were bagged for or billed.

    Like the new bowman kit somebody must have lost some of that,especially those new laptop thingys (what ever they are called).

  2. Journo Alert!!!!!

    and such a subtle start too

    I lost my rag once (well more than once) and it cost me a fortune
  3. Lost my fave chinagraph pencil on the Salisbury Plain a few months back...if anyone finds it PM me.
  4. Nope wrong there pal.Here's a big clue 'GGS' .Well it is easy money.
  5. car keys and house keys lost on the MMTR pirbright/brunswick camp. They have a distinctive DERR keyring. If anyone finds then you can have them as I've changed the locks
  6. Lost a tank once, then turned around and there it was, sh!t myself.
  7. LOL :D
  8. the most expensive thing I ever lost came courtesy of phase 3 redundancies

    it was my job by the way
  10. Depends on how much it cost you.

    BTW There's a little button on the left of your keyboard labelled 'Caps Lock'. Please use it.
  11. Lost my helmet once put it down to fiddle with radio headset ,set off half
    an hour later sgt goes" wheres your helmet " . Me hand on head "oops" :oops:
    Only billed me for a few bits of webbing . Had sixmonths of grief for a set of
    filters for a right handled torch though.
  12. I am the first to admit i am a stupid bint of the first order, but i reckon i have averaged a loss of goods of about £1000 pound a year. Yeah that bad!
    I am on to my 4th mobile phone this year already - now obviously i am not proud of this fact - but i do think it takes a certain type of skill to lose a pair of shoes during night on the lash - i.e. had them at the start - gone by the end!!!
  13. They're still on my bedroom floor!
  14. You f*ckin wish!!!!!!!!