Lost in translation.

Bin man knocks on door and Chinese guy answers "wha you wan?" Bin man asks "Where's your wheelie bin mate?" Chinese guy replies "Wha you need know?" The bin man patiently says again "Where's.....your..... wheelie bin?" Little Chinky says "Why you fuckin need know?"

The bin man loses his cool at that and shouts into the Chinese guy's face "Where's your fuckin wheelie bin you stroppy little chinese ****"

Chines guy sighs and says "Ok ok! I wheelie bin for a ****."
Since the old jokes forum was ditched in favour of this, there have been quite a few new members but all the old jokes were lost. So I'm just repeating the odd one.

Also, who gives a **** what you think shit head... so why not use your other older name?
Also, who gives a **** what you think shit head... so why not use your other older name?

I can see your mouth moving, but all that appears to be coming out is



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Bunch of mates on a golf holiday to Czech Republic. One first night out they get split up and one guy ends up alone the next day and decides to crack on and play the morning's round of golf. He plays well and on the 18th hole he gets a hole in one....to be met by cries of "PUSH HARDER!!!" PUSH HARDER!!!" from the Czech golfers drinking in 19th hole bar. While appreciating their cries he is a bit annoyed that they feel the need to urge him on to greater success when he has done his absolute best. That night he is out on the lash and pulls...goes up to hher flat and in a darkened room begins to smash her from behind, amazed at how tight she feels he enjoys the experience although she begins to shout "Push Harder!!....Push Harder!!...." over and over..like the golfers she seems never-satisfied....he obliges until she begins to attack him and forces him out of her flat in a furious mood. He notes he is covered in blood and blames her erratic behaviour on her time of the month. Next day he plays the same course with his friends and again, he gets a whole in one. From the 19th hole, there are cries of "PUSH HARDER!!!" asking a passing caddy one of his mates asks why they are screaming that at them...he stops and says. "I will translate...PUSCH H'ARDER...IT MEAN...."WRONG HOLE" !!

....go on laugh I typed all that out I did.

OK I did giggle.


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Irish man, English man and a Chinese man get a job on a building site.

The foreman takes a look at three of them and decides to give them their jobs for the day, he hands paddy a shovel and says ''here ya go paddy, you're in charge of digging, crack on.'' So off paddy trots with his shovel and starts digging a big **** off hole.

The foreman goes to the English bloke and gives him a pneumatic drill, ''here you go mate, you're in charge of drilling.'' So off goes the English man to start drilling stuff.

The foreman finally goes to the Chinese bloke and says, ''righto matey, you're in charge of the supplies.'' Off goes the Chinese man to sort out the supplies.

An hour or two later the foreman returns to check on their progress. He finds paddy deep in a hole shoveling away nicely, the English bloke is drilling away and also seems to be making good progress. The foreman looks around but can't spot the chink anywhere. He scratches his head and asks the paddy and the Englishman if they've seen him?

Suddenly the Chinese man jumps out from behind a JCB stark bollock naked and shouts: ''SUPPLIES!''

True story that.
This chicken is rubbery....

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