Lost in translation.

At the G8 summit, Obama, Sarkozy and Berlusconi were chatting during a break. Obama commented as to what a nice wife Gordon Brown had. "Ahh, oui, she is charming, but not as beautiful as my wife." Sarkozy said. Berlusconi stuns them by saying. "Yes, she is charming, but so unfortunate as to possess a somewhat overly large and very wet cnut , making it impossible to reach a satisfactory conclusion."
Sarkozy was amazed. "No, surely you haven't been there?..as well? no no, impossible."
Obama furiously said. "Hey man, you can't insult the good lady like that."

Berlusconi hastily replied. "No no no, I was referring to her husband."

Sarkozy said. "Ahh, oui..of course.
Obama said. " Got it, you meant she's married to a big slimy, useless cnut."
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