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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairy_nuff, Sep 3, 2010.

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  1. Got told off at work today for "inappropriate comments" I think it's all in the translation what do you think?

    Male colleague (ex Navy Nurse) looking at 360 degree photos of new building the company is moving to:

    "If you touch it, it will go up!

    Fairy_nuff " I bet you say that to all the girls"

    Male colleague pisses himself

    Boss (who couldn't find Admiralty Arch) "I don't think that's appropirate" (female)

    Fairy_nuff wanted to say bo??ocks but refrained

    All in the interpretation of the listener- case for the defence
  2. Let this be a lesson to anyone who wants to slap their notice in.

    Civvy street is wank.
  3. How would you like to spend every working day with blokes who are constantly telling each other to "bump" and "grind"?
  4. In the old bill you generally have to think about the possible offence that any random professionally outraged sub group can take to everything you say, but a mate of mine always responds with 'Its not the mouth it comes out of, its the mind it goes into'
    I'd like to say it shuts them up. But it doesn't.
    Some people live to be outraged...feminists....Daily Mail readers.....come to think of it....ARRSE contributors.
  5. I had a boss like that once. First off, "think" is the operative word. Secondly, "says who"? Thirdly, she was constantly on the gin and Valium, but to her way of thinking that was appropriate.

    I outlasted her and now I am happily retired.
  6. Only if you're a failure
  7. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    One day I innocently said " Will he get paid overtime, for hanging around" while observing the hanging body of a work mate who had committed suicide by hanging himself some time before, did not go down well with the PC management I then went on to compound my crime when it came to getting the body down , " cut the rope" said I" but he'll fall " said they, "Well he's hardly going to hurt himself now is he". I was condemnd as a cruel heartless cnut
  8. Fuck her, frigid teutonic twat
  9. Used to compare one particularly ghastly job with being dead and buried; kept in the dark, rendered powerless by circumstances beyond my control, and surrounded by vermin.

    Management loved it.
  10. Slap her on the bum and tell her its two sugars in your tea, sweetheart.
  11. I had the misfortune of finding a dead body at work once, floating in the river Tyne. A diver was promptly sent over the side to see if the stiff could be rescued/resuscitated.

    Diver (thereafter known as Sherlock): He's been dead some time, but not too long, his watch is still ticking.
    Petty Officer X: Bags I the watch.
    AB Y: Is his wallet still on him?
    LH Z: What size are his wellies?

    Compare and contrast with the modern age. HMS Ocean on deployment near Indonesia with a documentary camera crew. Officer of the Watch spots a body floating in the sea. In my day, it would have been used for SLR practice before being recovered to the junior rate's mess to hold a pint and pose for photos until it became too smelly.

    But no, in the modern navy it has to be recovered immediately. As soon as the body is aboard ship, the chief medic of Ocean takes charge. The chief medic is a CPO Medical Assistant - a senior paramedic. As is appropriate for her position on Ocean, the biggest ship in the fleet, she is also undoubtedly the biggest medical assistant in the fleet. Hauling the body aboard ship is made considerably easier by the significant, gravitational field being generated by the Chief's arrse.

    As the body is hauled aboard, chiefy tells everybody not to look at the face of the dead body, "or you'll be traumatised". As soon as the body hits the deck, she bursts into tears and runs off. I'll say no more, but you know what I'm thinking.
  12. While giving a statement to the police after finding the body of a mates brother hanging from our local park gates i was asked "& then what did you do" cue gasps of horror when i replied "well i didnt hang around" Not i should add from the rather fit police woman but from my family. (only 15 at the time so my family where present) No sense of humour some people.
  13. Had alot of slaps in the face then?:)
  14. There is always room for casual sexism. Women love it.

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  15. That she was upset because the body's wellies wouldnt fit her?