Lost in the system?

I’m looking for some advice with regard to a bit of a dilemma I find myself in.

I left the OTC in the summer of 2006 at which time I handed back my webbing, bergen, helmet etc. but held onto my 1157 issued clothing as I put in to transfer to my local TA unit back home. Unfortunately things didn’t work out exactly how I hoped they would after graduating and I was unable to take up training with that unit.

In February 2007 I enquired with a TA unit in London about joining them. I went down for a chat and look around one evening, at which time the officer I spoke to telephoned the TA unit I had officially transferred to, to establish which stage I was at with my training, so that we could discuss the next steps in my possible TA career. I was not in his office during the phone call as I was being given a tour of the TAC. I was about to go overseas for a little over 2 months so no decision on my part was going to be made until my return. In the end I have decided not to continue any further with the TA.

Just before Christmas I received a letter from my old OTC asking me to hand back all the kit I had ever been issued (webbing etc + clothing). I freely admit that I do have the clothing, and that I should have made more of an effort to hand it back sooner, but I handed back all my webbing when I left the OTC.

Having spoken to the OTC about this, I understand that I should have been given some sort of receipt stating what items I did hand back. I’m fairly confident that I was never given any such piece of paper. I seem to remember signing something at the time I handed back the webbing & bergen, but I was not given a copy.

Is there any other way I can prove that I did hand back my webbing & bergen?

There was a small group of us all handing kit back at the same time when I left the OTC. Unfortunately those few who also opted to transfer to the TA (so would have only handed webbing & bergen) have just started the Regular Commissioning Course at Sandhurst, so are a little difficult to get in touch with! At the very least, I have a number of individuals who could confirm that I did hand certain items back in.

Further more I’m concerned that I appear to have got a bit lost in the system somewhere, and that is why I am being chased for kit I’ve already handed back.

The OTC Adjt I spoke to recently, claims that the officer I spoke to in London last February must have been lying about my transfer to the TA in my home town, which I find hard to believe. Further more, I received a phone call in November 2006 from the TA in my home town enquiring as to my situation with the TA. How would this person have got my details if the transfer didn’t go through?

I hope the above makes sense and if anyone can offer any useful advice or other avenues to pursue, it would be much appreciated.
as far as Im aware, you cant "transfer" from the otc to the ta. that would be like transfering from the acf to regs. standing by to be corrected.
arby said:
as far as Im aware, you cant "transfer" from the otc to the ta. that would be like transfering from the acf to regs. standing by to be corrected.
Arby - TA/UOTC both TA units with individual UINs. OCdts can transfer into an available Pte LSN, 2Lts into an available 2Lt LSN, both on acceptance of change of ToS to Gp A TA and the approval of the accepting unit.

Consider yourself corrected.

Radovan - you need to find out if you are on the strength of a TA unit or UOTC. The PSAO/Adjt of the relevant units should be able to tell you straigt off. You can only be on the strength of one at any time. If you are still on strength and have not requested voluntary discharge you are still liable to callout under RFA96 - best get that request in.

Whichever unit you are on the strength of has the responsibility for your 1157 equipment. You should return all of this to that unit upon request for discharge. The 1098 equipment you you can sign from any unit. The fact you still have your 1157 might lead the unscrupulous storeman to try and write of a set of 1098 kit at the same time. If procedures have been followed, however, there should not be a sheet or 1033 with your signature on it and kit on the shelves.

If you have no intention to continue with the TA then request discharge and return all the kit you have immediately. You are already a right pain in the arrse for everyone by simply 'fading away' rather than being decisive and communicative. If you do this then your positive action may well go a long way towards convincing everyone that you're not the kind of gobshite who disappears with all the green kit he's ever been given.

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