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Discussion in 'REME' started by maddog9153, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi all just a general interest thing really, Ive now done nearly 12 years on S type engagements. I am a Full screw serving with the REME, four years ago before I signed this S type I aske if I could go tiffy cos if I couldnt I would not sign again. They told me I could so I signed again and did my PAAB. I passed my PAAB, tiffy maths and all criteria in the next three years, came off the ASCLB in October last year, then in November got the crushing news no more S Type engagements so I couldnt go Tiffy and was out the Army. I am fully fit, never been down graded all this and am still being pushed out. The Officers told me on my PAAB if I met the criteria got two SJARs recommending me for tiffy I would get offered at least 6 years residual contract. This is now all gone to the dogs. Can anyone offer me any advice on what to do, I have written to DMA and he has said that the only way S Types can get extended is for operational tour now. I only came back from Afghan last april, why is the Army getting rid of me and keeping unfit soldiers and is there anything I can do. Please help.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Have you thought about enlisting full time?
  3. I would contact the Corps ASM and ask him for his thoughts with a view of discussing with Regt Col and DEME(A). I am assuming that your CoC is aware and has raised this?
    Why did you go for a S Type - PM if you wish.
  4. Sadly your end of S Type has come at a pretty bad time, with the SDSR and the MoD wanting to reduce numbers.

    Heard about another guy on an S Type that needed another 2 years for pension but they wouldn't renew his contract and off he's gone. If you can't get a new contract then it doesn't look good, but you could apply for FTRS posts if there are any you fit the bill for but I don't think that'll allow you to be promoted as its a fixed contract.
  5. I would heed this advice, it surely can be looked at a case by case basis after all the needs of the Corps etc.

    If your CoC cannot help speak to the Corps ASM, have as much information as possible to hand including your current ROD, date you passed the PAAB, Tiffy Maths etc etc. Let him know what you have done to date to try and resolve the issue, who have you contacted? What have your CoC done up to now?

    Do not be afraid to give the Corps ASM a call he is there to help.

    Let us know how you get on.
  6. Hi and thanks for your reply, why I rejoined because I was over 27 they wouldnt give me an open engagement said I was too old but said I could just keep signing every four years until I had done my 22 years. It has been a nightmare and a fight all along, but both my previous OC's have checked when it came to SJAR writing time and it was confirmed that I could go tiffy so was written an appropriate SJAR. Its now with all these cuts they have told me that my services are no longer required. I have a letter from a Colonel REME that says, the REME are making cuts and that the number of Tiffy courses is being reduced and dont need as many tiffys anymore, also VMB is no longer under manned and so they dont really require Class 1 VMS anymore exact words "REME as a case in point is currently over-manned, vehicle mechanics are no longer a manning pinch point trade and there is a surplus of vehicle Artificers. The latter has resulted in a course being cancelled. After further consideration DMA upheld their decision due to the current manning situation and pending wave of redundancies". So with this in mind do you think the Corp ASM could do anything should I still contact him. My OC told me its gone as high as it can go and I just have to accept that my army career is over, im gutted. But if you all still think I should give it a go I will try anything, I wrote to the Queen but just got a standard letter back saying the Queen doesnt deal with this kind of thing. Thanks again for your replies I really appreciate any advice.
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I am in my last couple of years on S Type. According to QR's (unless it's changed since I last looked) you can only do a max of 12 years on S Type. Once time is up you have to leave and rejoin on another S Type engagement. However thanks to SDSR this is very unlikely. I have asked for an extension and been told to **** off, I need 4 years for full pension.

    When Veng was first announced I asked the question of whether I could transfer, I got the answer last year when they said S Type did not qualify.

    Thanks for nothing.
  8. B & T - S Types are there for a reason. Perhaps you were too old on enlistment into the regulars to qualify for a Open Eng etc. Those who voluntarily sign off and wish to re-enlist may be put on an S Type even if they could resume their Open Eng, especially if their past record is suspect in some way.

    Its easy to blame the system and others. I presume you knew the rules when you joined as a volunteer. Further S Types will be predicated on age, medical status, manning need etc. The Army is not a charity.
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Yep, I was an old git when I re-enlisted and as I put in my post I did know the rules as I checked QR's. It's my fault I got out and cannot get my 22 ( I am more angry at myself). What did annoy me was the time frame in getting an answer about Veng, having spoken to RAO, Bde, Div, APC. A simple yes or no would have done. If yes paperworkwork would have gone in, a no well get on and live with it (as I have done now).
  10. Roger all that. Good luck with the next step.
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Next step is resettlement, which I am already planning.
  12. I did understand some of the rules and do understand more of the rules now. However I have letters to prove that the REME offered me to go on the PAAB route and on my PAAB I asked the question again to all the officers on that board and they told me that provided I met all the criteria of tiffy maths, SJars etc they would offer me a contract with at least 6 years residual service so I could go tiffy. This has only changed since SDSR came in. Age within the Army is a forever changing thing for example when I rejoined cut off was 27 now its changed, now theyve added Veng etc. Ageism shouldnt be a problem as long as you can do your Job. I am fit regularly do 100 press ups 90 sit ups and 9.30 BPFA so why is age a problem when you have 19 yr olds strugglin to pass a BPFA its ridiculous.
  13. Since SDSR cuts have to be made and nobody's job is safe. The REME and RLC are going to bear the brunt of the cuts because we are not teeth arm and they think DSG can take up any slack when the cuts are made. Maddog I can see how you are pissed off and feel cheated but s type engagements are the easiest to cut. There are too many art vehs and the amount on the course has been cut. Do you not think somebody on open engagement would feel the same if they had jumped through all the hoops and got qualified, just to be told the numbers are reducing and you did not come off the loading board? The cuts will be brutal and I just hope my name does not get picked out of the hat.