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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ilikechips, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. Not myself, but just had a text off someone who has lost their MOD Form 90, who if anyone do you call to report it lost?

    Presumably he can then get back off leave and request a new one?
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Is that how it happens these days.
  3. I wouldnt know, I've never lost one.
  4. he can call the guardroom and arrange his work and show parades?
  5. I'll sort them out for him, don't worry about that.
  6. Make sure he reports it to the local plod as well so they can flag it, especially if he lives in a garrison town
  7. Report the loss to the admin office and a replacement is ordered after filling in a form, no disciplinary action is taken these days.
  8. Usually the police will also be informed as its a official document
  9. I lost mine abroad, made up some bullshit story about loosing it in a petrol station, new one was orderd nothing more was said...Job Done!
  10. Did you Lose it or Loose it, you dyslexic mong?
  11. Any one losing their ID card should have the replacement branded on to their forehead, to prevent an encore.

    Hardly rocket science is it? Put ID card back in safe place each time.... Before moving check pouches.

    Never lost a wallet, credit/debit card or ID card in 18 years.
  12. Have you yourself lost anything in that 18 year period though??

    I like the way folk get on their high horse regarding lost ID cards (as if its the most heinous and crow crime in the world) but they themselves have probably lost umpteen house keys,car keys,bank cards,mobile phones,children and dogs........

  13. Guard it like a Stab, its easy just place it in the clear fronted part of your wallet, hold it out at arms length in the open position and leave it there forever, hey presto! You never lose the card and you get the chance to show anyone who comes within 20 feet of you that you are 'in the Army!!'
  14. I wonder if the rate of loss of ID cards has changed since it became just another admin job to get a new one?

    Did knowing you were going to be short of cash and short of breath (lefritlefritlefrit) make you take more care or has it made 'kall difference?
  15. Did Cherie Blair and Yoomin Rights get involved?

    After all there was no discrimination between your house getting burgled,wallet with ID stolen and losing it while out on the piss.

    You still got yip-yapped round the place and a nice fine; I'm sure that must have upset the EU,UN, and Unite,probably.