Lost Harrier

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by duffy, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. :oops: Someone mentioned about a buccaneer going over the side one night, well my mate who was on Invincible in the falklands told me that anytime the ship changed direction the flight deck were told to make sure everything is strapped down, and the flight deck tell the bridge before unstrapping any aircraft, only someone forgot the ship changed direction and a fully armed Harrier rolled off the arse end of the ship with everyone watching and unable to do anything.
    Deep deep sh*t for someone.
  2. Only this year 29 Cdo lost a pinzgauer into the ogin after a CH47 dropped it on the deck - flight crew claiming "the handbrake must have been left off"
  3. Sounds like a 'navy' problem to me.
  4. Was on a job once at sea and my kit was being cross decked by underslung load. Bloody Navy pilot ditched the lot in the ogin, reckoned there was a sudden gust and the airframe went unstable so had to ditch the load. B@stard left me in just the kit I was wearing and the contents of a day sack.
  5. That would have been ZA174 then! Careless lot the FAA

    Harriers lost in the Falklands War

    RAF Harrier GR3:
    XZ963 small arms fire
    XZ972 Blowpipe hit (Was not aware the Argies had Blowpipe?)
    XZ988 AAA
    XZ989 engine failure

    Sea Harrier FRS1:
    XZ450 AAA
    XZ452 collided with XZ453
    XZ453 collided with XZ452
    XZ456 Roland hit
    ZA174 rolled off HMS Invincible
    ZA192 exploded shortly after take off.
  6. Only yesterday night the RAF lost an F3 into the drink off leuchars.
  7. Funny story about that. Seems the pilot, while still bobbing about, used his mobile to let the Boss know.
  8. Re the Falklands Harrier.

    There was a lad at school a year below me who said that his father had been a pilot in the Falklands, but never flew a sortie as his plane fell off the side of the boat.

    I'm now wondering whether all the shit I put him through was necessary.
  9. My unit lost - temporarily - an FFR landy into the turd-bestrewn waters of Gibraltar Harbour. Luckily it was the crane operators fault, and even more luckily it was the OCs landy with all his kit in it hahahahaha. I say again, hahahahaha.

    Started first time when fished out, I was told.
  10. RTFQ


    There was an incident on USS Enterprise, whereby a fuel fire on deck caused the motor on a s/winder to initiate. that was years ago apparently, however.
  11. Enterprise had such an event with a Zuni rocket that killed around 30 or so, but the real horror was USS Forrestal in 1967. A rocket from an F4 went careering along the deck into a stack of bombed-up aircraft, hitting the belly drop tank of an A4 Skyhawk. Two days later the fire was put out. 134 men dead, 21 aircraft were lost and 43 damaged. There's actually film of LCdr John McCain (now Senator) egressing from the cockpit of a neigbouring A4 and having to jump and swing from the refuelling probe to get past the pool of burning AVTUR that surrounds his own jet.

    On a more light-hearted note, in the 1980s Crab Air "lost" some of their own Phantoms through a balls-up in the supply chain. 3 or 4 jets left major servicing and were left on the inventory of some poor SNCO who was trying to hand over to someone else. Needless to say, he didn't exactly relish the prospect of being billed for £20-30 million. It took about a month to find them.
  12. I believe the pilots name was Mike Broadwater. He had flown several sorties and it was his second ejection. He was sent home after that for back injuries.
  13. I think you're referring to an incident post-war when the GR3s were providing air defence for the islands. Some time in July 82, a GR3 was taking off from Port Stanley and both AIM-9Gs were fired (IIRC, an electrical fault was the problem). Eleven soldiers from the RE (again from memory) were seriously injured as a result.
  14. No , also Signals, Frits lost his leg.