Lost Gwar Tribe Found In Brazil!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LordVonHarley, May 30, 2008.

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  1. The BBC are reporting the discovery of a Brizilian/Paruvian Lost Gwar Tribe. They where discovered after illegal logger started to complain they could smell Twiglets in the Rain Forrest.


    They have been filmed meeting "White Men"

  2. Bugger, we'll have to move again...
  3. unless my eyes deceive me, the black furry monster appears to have a decent pair of funbags. Gorilla sex...what colour wings do you get for beastiality?
  4. I think I can see my boss...
  5. If you are man enough to coerce a female gorilla into surprise sex, then i suspect any colour of wings you like...sir!
  6. Who said anything about delayed consent?

    "well hello my dear, Bamboo shoot? My, what a fine mandibular prognathism you have....drop of cognac?"

    any old fool can rape a gorilla. A real man's task would be to seduce.
  7. I know I am sick for merely considering the rape of a female gorilla gorilla...

    You sir, however take the biscuit and I in turn my hat off to you. Have you tried the banana BTW? I find that works uncommonly well on bonobos? I mean, a friend does...
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It seems that the Brazilians at least now have an excuse for flattening the rainforest. If those qwars are allowed to breed hidden and unhindered, it could set the human genome back to the Viking era.

    We need to continue the march of normalisation, and yes, that does mean knocking down some more trees I'm afraid.

    Edited to add: The idea of surprise or even seduced sex with a gorilla could be considered in some circles to be wrong on many levels, but infinitely preferable to proffering carrot-juice and deodorants to its tribe-mates to achieve the same results.

    The gorilla fornication will not produce offspring, and might even improve the gene pool still further if the suitor is darwin'd in the process of rejection.
  9. Gwarist s0d! I hope your pubes turn auburn and the faint stench of fox p1ss descends around you...
  10. To hell with the consequences and social prejudices. 40 years ago it was illegal chuck your muck up a fellow man, now its a prerequisite of employment for most civil servant posts.

    also, I think I've coined possibly the finest quote ever:

    "Any old fool can rape a Gorilla"

    Arby 2008
  11. did you know kangaroos have 4 vaginas?
  12. FFS look at the state of their track plan. If they had listened during their MATT's they wouldn't be feckin lost would they? Slack bunch this lot!
  13. Arby, I now have a new sig (assuming your approval of course).
    Fcuking work of genius, Sir.
  14. Does the male have 4 C0cks then???? His condom would look like a latex glove.

    4 C0cks and 2 hands seems a bit of a waste.
  15. one of my finer moments...