Lost Greeks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Border_Reiver, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. Got a link to one of the Greek newspapers I think from “ Wordsmith “ on one of the Greek Tragedy threads … anyway I have been following “ local “ Greek news for a few days and came across this gem today in which it is reported that …

    Full article linky … IKA reports 32,000 'phantom' pensioners on its payroll | Athens News ...

    Regrettably I do not think we as a nation can be smug about such a situation in fact it looks like the Greeks have got a severe case of a British disease .

    I wrote to my MP last year pointing asking what steps were taken to ensure Benefit Payments to immigrants were stopped when they returned to their home nation and was told in a typically waffle reply that this indeed was recognised problem which required resolving .

    From what I have seen in the press recently , including the recent BBC TV programme , people are driving a coach and horses through our Benefits Sytem and costing Tax Payers £ Billions in fraudulent claims .
  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Nothing new there, try the NHS. Many years ago my boss told me about a project he had been on regarding NHS records. They were stored in an hotel up North. Each person's record was indexed a.b.c.d.

    a= hotel room no
    b= dexion racking location within room
    c= box no within rack section
    d= individual

    The total number of individuals VASTLY exceeded the total number of the UK population. Meant GPs were getting capitation for millions of dead bods.
  3. There were about 7 million more NI numbers in circulation @ 2005 than official figures can account for. You can be sure that number has not declined in the intervening years.
  4. I thought EU nationals were actually entitled to continue to claim for a period, at least that what a very happy Polish plumber living like a king on Irish bru and back in Warsaw. It goes a very long way in cheap Poland being about 3x measly Brit unemployment benefit and about 5x their own.

    As for the missing pensioners, now you know why that Moussaka was so tasty.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    NHS Hospitals have, in many areas, pretty much given up trying to get repayment from those not entitled to treatment. At a large local NHS hospital not a million miles from me, this situation is not helped by some of the Consultants who state that it is only fair that we treat everyone the same, and no-one, no matter where from, should ever be expected to pay. I discussed this with one, who stated that she wants all to be treated for free, and she would not co-operate with the managers and others tasked with trying to get the money back.
  6. Even the Japanese have a missing pensioner problem:
    Tokyo's 'oldest man' dead for 30 years - Telegraph

    Regarding the consultant who thinks all medical treatment should be free, my response is: “If you think medical treatment should be free, then you clearly don't want paying for the treatment you provide.” Seriously, how about putting consultants onto piecework, no valid NHS record for the patient, no payment for the work.
  7. Seriously, how about your last thought as you go under the general anaesthetic, is that the surgeon is on piecework......
  8. Pay them a bonus, £20/patient that survives. £-50 if they survive but lose a limb/ eye/ mobility due to surgical complications.
  9. Are you nuts?
    Surgeon: "Right then, we've cut the useless tosser open and it seems Ringdoby's arrse-transplant has rejected him.... and I'm****ed if I'm going to spend another three hours up to my elbows in his shit for 20 ****ing quid.... Wheel the unfortunate lad out and find me a straightforward broken leg or something....."

  10. Ahh, but they lose £50 if the op goes wrong, and the patient survives. They get nowt if the patient carc's it.